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However, the soldiers' high state of readiness meant they were ideally placed to take part in this key European exercise.
This important question gets an answer in this outstanding study that explores the transcendence of Las Casas, whose efforts against violence and the European exercise of power form the core of the polemics of possession.
Putting Smithdown Road, which stretches for three miles through Toxteth, Wavertree, and Allerton, under the spotlight is part of a wider European exercise looking at entrepreneurship in communities.
He explains: "Originally, the Classifications were started as a purely European exercise, and their primary function was to give the racing authorities in the European Pattern an indication of whether their races were living up to their status.
European exercise terms dictate that the option can only be exercised on the expiration date.
During its nine-year tenure at Upper Heyford, the 42nd ECS has been an active participant in NATO's European exercise program and was committed to combat twice, first in support of Operation El Dorado Canyon on April 14, 1986 and most recently during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
This European exercise, which began on 9 March, is the result of collaboration between the European Defence Agency, the EU member states and NATO.
Initially, the French contingent, viewing elaboration of the headline goal as a purely European exercise, were not enamoured with the idea of NATO involvement, but, over the past month, the mood has shifted, with France realising the wealth of opportunities being presented by NATO.
American colleges and universities have adopted many of the customs of the early European exercises.
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