European Economic Community

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European Economic Community (EEC)

A group of Western European countries that have joined together to promote trade and economic and political cooperation. Essentially, the EEC represents an attempt to combine a group of countries into a single economic unit. Also called Common Market.

European Economic Community

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Accounting rules harmonization with Directive IV of the European Economic Community and the International Accounting Standards approved by Order no.
The closest thing to a prototype is the European Economic Community (EEC) for the creation of a single market in which trade, capital, and workers will flow freely across the borders of the EEC's 12 member states.
NAFTA's provisions differ from those of the European Economic Community and GATT in a number of significant ways, and the agreement could conceivably serve as a useful new model for global free trade.
Further integration occurred in 1957 when the Treaty of Rome established the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community.
An appropriate model for the arbitration mechanism is the European Economic Community (EEC) Model.
ISO 9000 rapidly is becoming a de facto standard for the 1992 European Economic Community (EEC) and is already widely considered established protocol for doing business in Europe.
The diplomat, who asked not to be named, told SCIENCE NEWS that although this program might be coordinated from a center in Japan, "the actual research would be carried out at appropriate institutions elsewhere" within the Economic Summit community, which includes the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, West Germany and additional European Economic Community member states.
In 1975 it was a Labour PM - Harold Wilson - meeting a manifesto promise to let the public decide whether to remain a part of what was then the European Economic Community, into which Tory Edward Heath had led the country in 1973.
Those in my generation will remember that when Britain entered the then European Economic Community it was to our advantage to do so because the countries in it had prospered for reasons relevant at that time.
In which year was the European Economic Community founded?
Heath - a bachelor, keen sailor and musician - became PM in 1970 and took Britain into the European Economic Community.

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