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In every period, you will receive an endowment of 150 Eurocent.
Starting from this month, visitors to Vatican City and its residents will receive 50 eurocent coins as change when they shop at the gas station, grocery store, pharmacy or the post office of the tiny sovereign country in the centre of Italy's capital Rome, the report said.
04 eurocent charge for receiving a call, one of the two traditional elements that have always combined to determine the cost of calls, and maintaining a single price of 10 eurocents per minute for all calls made to national landlines and mobile phones.
While Bulgaria is found to have the third cheapest on-net calls in the EU - 5 eurocent - vs.
In view of the very good result and taking into consideration the current challenging economic situation, the Supervisory Board and Executive Board will be proposing a dividend of 70 eurocent per share at the annual general meeting.
As announced with 2004 results publication, an interim dividend payment of Eurocent 40 per share was made on March 22nd, and the Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting a dividend payment of Eurocent 90 per share, i.
After conversion the preference shares remain outstanding with a notional value of 5 Eurocent.
In Germany, after the March 1st price hike of Eurocent 40 per pack of 19 cigarettes, the total cigarette market decreased by - 15%.
In Germany, where a price hike of Eurocent 40 per pack took place on March 1st, the total cigarette market decreased by 13.
According to the analyses conducted by German Company 'Wais Consulting" the salary in textile industry in Macedonia stands at 8 to 9 eurocents per production minute, it is 9 in Serbia, 10 to 11 in Bulgaria, 7 to 8 in Albania.
Zietlow has pledged to donate 20 eurocents per kilometre driven to the charity SOS Children's Villages in Zambia and Tanzania, and Goodyear have agreed to double each cent donated.