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In English law, the amount of wood the renter of a piece of land was permitted to take each year for home repair, firewood, animal husbandry and other, necessary purposes.


The right or privilege of a tenant to take so much from the land as is necessary for support,such as the right to cut timber for heating.

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Estover Energy, which has bases in London and Edinburgh, says a consortium of local forestry owners will supply enough raw materials for the plant from within a 60-mile radius.
Estover head Kate Luffingham said: "We first knew we had a problem when a strange smell was reported and some children began feeling unwell.
These include petrochemical company SABIC, pharmaceutical manufacturer MSD, waste-to-energy producer Estover Energy and Middlesbrough College's STEM Centre of Excellence.
Investment opportunities in the UK include The Circuit of Wales; The Shetland Investment Fund; Estover Energy; The Green Investment Bank Offshore Wind investment Fund; Carnbroe Energy From Waste Plant; Naert na Gaoithe Offshore Wind Farm; Tender Round Three for the Offshore Transmission Regime; Thames Tideway Tunnel; Midland Metropolitan Hospital; Liverpool Waters and Moray Firth & Inch Cape.
Call 0870 900 2665 or write to Trotman Reader Offers, Plymbridge Distributors Ltd, Estover Road, Plymouth PL6 7PY.
Copies can be obtained at How To Books, Customer Services Dept, Plymbridge Distributors Ltd, Estover Road, Plymouth PL6 7PY.
Contractor address : Barley House, Estover Road, Estover, Devon
The successful businessman chartered a helicopter from his HQ in Estover, Devon, last Friday, and flew at heights beneath the cloud of volcano dust.
Managing Your Time by Julie Ann Amos is published by How to Books and is available from bookshops or can be ordered direct from the publisher through How To Books, Customer Services Dept, Plymbridge Distributors Ltd, Estover Road, Plymouth, PL6 7PY.
The company is expanding its Estover firm to break into new markets.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION Estover, Cramlington Estover Energy's PS138m biomass combined heat and power plant will generate enough to power 52,000 homes and help to power the factory of neighbouring drug manufacturer Aesica.