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There was also the suspicion that some officials of government could also have used the lawsuit as an opportunity to fleece the country of millions of dollars in estacode in the guise of travelling to witness proceedings..
The respondents No 23 to 41, all non-residents of G-B were appointed in gross violation of estacode beside the judgement of the apex court in a colourful exercise of discretion.
The Nursing Association presented demanded to give timescale promotions to the staff with pending cases as per Estacode rules.
A doctor of Pims requesting not to be quoted said though the appointment of the permanent heads was a good step, according to Estacode they should be given targets of three years to deliver.
Estacode rulings permit posting on current/additional charge and in case of an empty post in a higher grade, posting is made on acting charge basis, told sources.
It is because of their efforts that a number of documents like Estacode, Rules of Business and different laws have been rendered into Urdu and a comprehensive Urdu dictionary and twenty-eight relevant books have been made available online.
In Pakistan our civil servants are compliant to Civil Servants Act 1973 ( Act No= LXXI of 1973) and be guided by ESTACODE.
Including Sindh Judicial Estacode by Justice (r) Shabbir Ahmed, Bench Book for Sindh District Judiciary on Case Management by Justice (Retd.) Shabbir Ahmed, Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997, compiled by Sindh High Court Library, The Senate Elections, compiled by High Court of Sindh Karachi, Library, Election Laws compiled by Sindh High Court, Library and National Accountability Ordinance, 1999, compiled by High Court of Sindh, Library.
The bench in its order on the contractual issue of retired issue further held that prima facie, it appeared that provisions of law in section 14 of the Civil Servant Act 1973 as well as sections contained in Estacode contained in V:1, 2007 and verdicts of the superior court on the subject were not considered and adhered to.
Estacode, the staff discipline code of the Civil Service, forbids officials in Government departments from talking to journalists.
The PIMS Nursing Association presented 8 demands to government urging it to give timescale promotions to the staff with pending cases as per Estacode rules.
But PT dug beyond Lai Mohammed's claim and discovered he was neck deep in the scam, including direct talks with Pinnacle and even foreign trips, which must have come with full complement of estacode. Will a pious man lie?
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