Essential purpose

Essential purpose (or function) bond

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Young thought that the war achieved its essential purpose of saving the country and bringing Northerners and Southerners to some understanding and resolution.
723 (2012), is "another case involving a foreclosure sale in non-compliance with the HUD-mandated face-to-face meetings[.]" Mathews held that "a material breach is a failure to do something that is so fundamental to the contract that the failure to perform that obligation defeats an essential purpose of the contract.
Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Amy Schmidt said in a March 6 letter to the city that it has "become clear that the cooperative relationship contemplated by the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) is no longer functional and the JPA has failed in its essential purpose."
Tankstar also argues the contractual "repair and replace" remedy Navistar offered in its various warranties failed of its essential purpose because several trucks required repeated engine repairs.
The system serves an essential purpose within a diverse service area that benefits from its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth metro.
The Committee serves an essential purpose, overseeing the Millennium Development Goals agenda and ensuring these goals are linked to the Kingdom's current National Action Plan (2015-2018).
I noted the orderliness of the stenciled numbers and of course the ventilation ducts, drain pipes, and electrical conduits no doubt essential if the parking garage is to fulfill its essential purpose.The result of the photographic project is this series, New Cathedrals.
Explaining the essential purpose and achievement of the 28-member strong EU organisation, he said that its mandate was straightforward and indeed important: the EU has contributed to peace and cooperation in Europe, so that war between the countries is now unthinkable.
Iran's conservatives are imbued with an ideology that views the essential purpose of the state as the realization of God's will on Earth.
"The camp was a great way for students to spend their winter break and invest their minds dealing with and learning from beneficial ideas that serve an essential purpose."
They can infuriate those who prefer real life talk to virtual reality on a screen, but they also serve that essential purpose of protection from outside interference.

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