Essential purpose

Essential purpose (or function) bond

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In this second edition of the event, they once again held exhibits, shows, sales, free presentations, with the essential purpose of building a common area of interest of the participants who work in the media.
Mr McGrath said: "The essential purpose of the meetings between Minister Noonan and the banks in recent weeks was to reduce the exorbitant standard variable rates being charged by the banks to 300,000 mortgage customers.
Report author Joshua Miles said: "Every business in Wales faces some form of regulation, and much of that regulation serves an essential purpose, whether it is keeping our food safe, or ensuring safe working practices.
The essential purpose of the visit was to take forward the activities of the Working Party on Mediation (the Malta Process.
Technology has so drastically altered how news is gathered, processed and understood, it has taken journalism closer to its essential purpose," said Rosenstiel.
As a constitutionalist, I also believe that the essential purpose of a nation's constitution is to bind government powers with the rule of law and to secure freedom and rights of the people.
King's essential purpose is not to present a chronological biography but rather to explore Nolde's long career through the varied aspects of his art--landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, portraits, Berlin nightlife, religious scenes and Germanic legends relayed to him from birth.
Traditional municipal securities--tax-supported general obligation bonds and essential purpose revenue bonds--have been using structures that were originated in the 1800s, with few defaults.
Camp understands, as the DD maintains, that the essential purpose of dialogue is "to learn that one's dialogue partner views the world differently.
Legislative representatives, commonly known as "lobbyists," serve an essential purpose in New Hampshire.
American mystic and author Jim Marion believes that "the only essential purpose of religion is to accelerate growth in consciousness.
This solution is a measured response to the current imbalance in the data security licensing industry because it would only invalidate licensing agreement provisions that frustrate the essential purpose of the contract.

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