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human engineering

the study of the interface between people and technology with the objective of achieving a better ‘fit’ between the two. The twin objectives of ergonomics are the interrelated ones of improvements in efficiency and the provision of better working conditions. For instance, an ergonomist would be concerned to ensure that a typist's chair is of the right height to avoid back and arm strains. As well as minimizing employee dissatisfaction this would prevent productivity from being impaired by physical injury. In more complex technological environments the ergonomist is also concerned with the distribution of functions between human operators and the technology itself.

Ergonomics grew out of SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT, one strand of which was concerned with the development of technology that could be matched to the task in hand and to the human physique, and human factor psychology (see OCCUPATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY), which was concerned with the impact of environmental factors on work performance.

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The Railway Ministry in a tweet said, "CLW today produced 1st Engine with aerodynamic and ergonomic design and 200 kmph speed potential.
For its part, FlexWash TM also was recognized with the Best of Best Ergonomic Design Award by the Ergonomic Society of Korea (ESK) in April.
The LEVEL U combines fashion, comfort, and performance with cutting-edge wireless Bluetooth capabilities; this is a really easy-to-use headset, and our customers will enjoy it." Sophisticated, Ergonomic Design Available in range of striking colors, including blue black, white, gold and blue, the Level U can fit any style.
The Series 7 SC750 monitor sports a slim, ergonomic design that is capable of a 90-degree pivot for enhanced convenience to users.
Their ergonomic design facilitates efficient operations by letting users easily insert and remove CF cards, and the 80%-reduced footprint compared with their peer in the market has led to better space utilization and freight savings.
SpaceMouse Pro combines 3Dconnexion's patented six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) sensor for intuitive and precise 3D navigation with an advanced ergonomic design and innovative On-screen Display, to deliver superior comfort and a simpler, more productive workflow.
The keyboard also has an ergonomic design to reduce stress and fatigue from extensive typing in your fingers and wrists.
The shooter's grip is solid and improved because of the ergonomic design of the magwell itself, resulting in a better hand-to-magwell contact.
Other sought-after workstation features include a cleanable and intuitive ergonomic design and lengthy runtime.
For the convenience of the users, the V-Shield Series laptop cooling Pad has ERGONOMIC design and is comfortable for long time use.
The unit uses an ergonomic design with an injection-molded nylon handle, a stainless steel hook and key ring.
The first part of this paper is devoted to stating the ergonomic problems of rationalization, and is dedicated to approaches to the ergonomic design of workplaces and describes their rationale, pros and cons.