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Equity Fund

A mutual fund consisting predominantly or exclusively of stocks. An equity stock fund may be high-risk if it invests primarily in start-ups and recent IPOs, or it may be low-risk if it invests in established companies with stable returns. Equity funds are often classified according to the types of companies in which they invest, such as a green fund that invests in environmentally friendly companies. They may also classify themselves according to some other metric, such as equity funds that invest in large-cap or small-cap stocks. An equity fund is also called a stock fund.
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Equity fund.

Equity funds invest primarily in stock. The stock a fund buys -- whether in small, up-and-coming companies or large, well-established firms -- depends on the fund's investment objectives and management style.

The general approach may be implied by the fund's name or the category in which it places itself, such as large-cap growth or small-cap value. However, a fund's manager may have the flexibility to invest more broadly to meet the fund's objectives.

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equity funds attracted $31.5 billion versus $8 billion for domestic funds in the final three months of the year.
The ADCM Secondary Private Equity Fund (ADCM-SPEF), which was established in March 2011, seeks to realise substantial long-term capital gains by purchasing secondary Limited Partners' interests in private equity funds, which are managed by leading General Partners across the MENA region and around the world.
London The first quarter of 2010 saw flows into emerging market equity funds stumble, bond funds continue their stellar run, developed market equity funds regain some of their lustre and money market funds post record setting outflows.
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Healthier corporate earnings and low-yielding CDs spurred investors into mutual funds last year, with $160.6 billion going into equity funds.
A non-diversified, closed-end, management investment company, the fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in Latin American equity securities and about 10% of its assets in non liquid equity securities of private equity funds that invest in emerging markets.
Redemptions from Emerging Markets Equity Funds, Global Equity Funds and Bond and Balanced Funds hit levels last seen in 2008.
The fund, dubbed Alpha Russia & CIS Secondary LP, will have a capital of up to USD300m and is anticipated to focus on the secondary market in private equity funds.
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