equity kicker

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Equity kicker

Stock warrants issued attached to a new debt, preferred or common stock issue to improve the salability of the issue.

Equity Kicker

An option to purchase stock attached to a bond. A bond issuer may attach an equity kicker as a sweetener to encourage investment in the bond.

equity kicker

An addition to a fixed-income security that permits the investor to participate in increases in the value of equity ownership. Two common types of equity kickers are a convertible feature on some bonds that allows the bonds to be exchanged for shares of stock, and warrants to purchase stock that are sold in combination with a new bond issue. Compare real estate certificate of deposit.
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This was an extraordinary transaction and continues to demonstrate our ongoing ability to create off balance sheet value through our equity kickers," said Ivan Kaufman, chairman and cCEO of Arbor.
Under existing interpretations of law, national banks may--in addition--take so-called equity kickers as part of loan agreements.
The present paper develops a formal rationale for the choice of capital structure made by the organizers of the buyout, including the use of such arrangements as strip financing and equity kickers.
The model is expanded in Sections III and IV in order to allow for a positive probability of default in equilibrium and to examine the role of strip financing and equity kickers.
Lenders accepting a below-market interest rate on their loans in exchange for equity kickers will find their interest aligned with promoters', if the kickers are sufficiently large.
Therefore, with an equity kicker, a strip financing arrangement can be implemented with each lender holding a smaller fraction of the equity than when debt is correctly priced.
equity kickers, contingent interest, significant deferral
The lender has the safety of a mortgage, albeit subordinated to a first mortgage, and can get higher returns as well as equity kickers.