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That is, investors react less negatively to each successive SEO announced by a firm, and returns for subsequent equity issues are significantly less negative than returns for earlier issues.
First, investor reaction to equity issues by industrial firms is influenced by the number of times a firm has previously sold equity.
In the empirical analysis we will emphasize the price-reactions on the Swedish equity market to announcements of equity issues abroad by Swedish companies during the period of financial deregulation, 1981-1993.
The focus is on the question whether there is any discernible difference in the price responses to the announcement of international equity issues with and without prior listing.
We identified an initial sample of seasoned equity issues from the semiannual editions of the Investment Dealer's Digest for the period January 1976 through December 1985.
PANEL A: Number of Issues Per Year Number of Offerings for Number of which Current Offerings for which Year Earnings Five-Year Earnings Full Forecasts Are Forecasts Are Year Sample Available Available 1976 31 5 -- 1977 4 2 -- 1978 18 10 -- 1979 21 12 -- 1980 42 35 -- 1981 37 20 -- 1982 43 29 25 1983 122 83 75 1984 21 13 12 1985 40 32 30 Total 379 241 142 PANEL B: Characteristics of the Full Sample of Equity Issues Description Measure Mean Median Number of Shares Issued (millions) 2.
She has written on the coverage of workers' equity issues and authored one of the cyber-harassment stories in the current edition.
Additional Equity Issues a Risk to Shareholder Value
We also believe that in many cases equity issues are being used as substitutes for proper regulatory decisions.
assembles a collection of 10 essays on equity issues in schools, for students and practitioners of educational leadership.
Through the new equity issues, companies intend to secure funds toward new investment, including funds to finance mergers and acquisitions.
The amount of funds raised through public equity issues totaled around 824.