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Kate, participant #1, demonstrated the epitomy of the self- congratulatory passive confronting:
HIBERNIAN'S performance during their CIS Cup victory over Celtic was the epitomy of what Scottish football needs to survive at a respectable standard.
Friendship is abstract of this noble flame, 'Tis love refin'd and purg'd from all its drosse, The next to Angells Love, if not the same, Stronger then passion is, though not so grosse: It antedates a glad Eternity, And is a heaven in Epitomy.
Mr Parry said, "Our relationship with Mr Dargavel is almost the epitomy of what relationship banking should be and we were pleased to get the backing we needed.
In the modern world where style, however suspect, is valued over substance by so many easily conned observers, Lambert is the epitomy of the understated.
The book reflects the epitomy of his style that came forward in earlier writings, a style of tightness, complexity and intellectual challenge, and is by that token not easy to absorb smoothly.
Set on the eve of the Nazi takeover it presented the cabaret as the epitomy of the degenerated Weimar Germany.
Built in the 19th century to house over 1,000 shops, GUM was the epitomy of the Soviet era -- long queues and very little to buy.
THE international high profile and wealth enjoyed by Lennox Lewis is the epitomy of what can be achieved as the world heavyweight boxing champion.