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environmental audit

an examination of an organization's production, distribution and marketing activities which concentrates upon the environmental impact of these activities. Green audits can assist an organization in identifying sources of environmental pollution or excessive resource usage so that it can then seek to improve its performance.
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Braden Sutphin has produced environmentally friendly ink options for more than two decades," says Ray Loomis, national sales manager.
Furukawa was judged on their overall services including their service, performance, and their environmentally friendly management.
With a focus on full realization of sustainable potentials to support highest values of the green design development and maximize LEED achievements for our clients, Floor Fantasy presents a sustainable standard of choice: Environmentally Friendly Exclusive Signature Style Green Line Bamboo Flooring Collection to achieve higher standards of sustainability in the development of high performance Buildings.
6 million maintenance and operations building/sheriff's station, the Allied Health building will include environmentally friendly features to help save the district money on energy costs.
Sophisticated tenants in Japan are increasingly showing a preference for buildings that incorporate environmentally friendly materials and technologies.
Finances ultimately decide altruism, and the perception of cans as an environmentally friendly package will be driven by it also being friendly to the bottom line.
Green initiatives can be achieved from small projects, such as using environmentally friendly products and separating material for recycling purposes, to a large project focus on sustainable design to achieve LEED Certification.
Snow prepared a six-page questionnaire for vendors, and in addition to getting price bids, she asked about environmental policies, use of environmentally friendly woods, etc.
For each claim, there is a definition if applicable (or not; for instance, the site says there is "currently no standard definition" for terms such as environmentally friendly and environmentally safe), a statement of which group or groups endorse the claim, and a CU evaluation of the use of the claim on labels.
The world of environmentally friendly investing is no love-in for tree huggers and hippies.
com/research/78dd60/china_environmenta) has announced the addition of the "China Environmentally Friendly Tricycle Market Analysis 2009" report to their offering.
Mitt Romney has announced $209 million in incentives as part of the Massachusetts Green Communities initiative to encourage more environmentally friendly housing, according to a report in the Boston Business Journal.

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