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environmental audit

an examination of an organization's production, distribution and marketing activities which concentrates upon the environmental impact of these activities. Green audits can assist an organization in identifying sources of environmental pollution or excessive resource usage so that it can then seek to improve its performance.
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Mitt Romney has announced $209 million in incentives as part of the Massachusetts Green Communities initiative to encourage more environmentally friendly housing, according to a report in the Boston Business Journal.
With a focus on the full realization of sustainable potentials to support the highest value of the green design development, Floor Fantasy is proud to present the Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Signature Style Green Line Bamboo Flooring Collection to achieve higher standards of performance and sustainability in development of high performance buildings.
Session 6 on development in foamed products will include the following presentations: "High frequency coaxial cable--an application for microcellular foaming technology in extrusion," Karl Audenaerde and Johannes Lorenz, Kabelwerk Eupen AG, Germany; and "Development of an environmentally friendly thermoplastic printed circuit board manufactured by foam extrusion," Dieter Langenfelder, J.K.W.
"The fact that it is environmentally friendly will help the North preserve lakes and forests," says Little.
With the opportunity to make more money on conservation, you can bet farm machinery makers will be marketing more environmentally friendly products in the years ahead.
Environmentally friendly paint may have practical or aesthetic limitations, however.
He says a factory will be set up to begin manufacturing the environmentally friendly breakwaters this year.
HOUSEHOLDS around Britain are slowly going green and are now spending more than pounds 250 a year on environmentally friendly products such as low-energy lightbulbs and energyefficient appliances, figures suggested today.
CITROEN produces many of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles available.
Instead, the public is demanding that employers implement environmentally friendly solutions, according to a survey by Hyder Consulting.
Environmentally friendly buildings are great for business - boosting staff productivity, reducing fuel bills and raising the value of a site.

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