Green fund

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Green Fund

A mutual fund that invests exclusively in securities in environmentally-friendly companies. Different green funds have different methodologies for determining what constitutes an environmentally-friendly company. Some may avoid certain industries (notably oil and gas) entirely, while others may look at the environmental records of particular companies. Each green fund describes its methodology in its prospectus. It is also called an environmental fund.

Green fund.

A mutual fund that selects investments based on a commitment to environmental principles may be described as a green fund.

Not all green funds stress exactly the same values. A fund that seeks environmentally friendly businesses -- say those that use alternative fuels -- may not be concerned about what those companies manufacture.

Another fund may avoid any company in what it considers an unacceptable industry, despite the company's individual environmental record. In every case, the fund's approach is described in its prospectus.

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This grant will allow the Kickapoo Tribe the ability to apply environmental funds where it is needed the mostaddressing water pollution.
Climate adaptation costs for Asia-Pacific nations are estimated at a staggering $40 billion through 2050, and while there are environmental funds, none are currently dedicated to addressing climate-induced migration issues.
COVENANT OF MAYORS - An entirely European initiative, fostered by the Parliament which hosted the inaugural ceremony earlier this year, the Covenant of Mayors could turn the key on extra environmental funds for Middlesbrough Council.
The two environmental funds (BNP Paribas Aqua and S.
All proceeds from the sale were donated to a select group of environmental funds to protect the waters and coastlines that are so dear to the artist's heart.
Issues receiving special attention include compliance and enforcement mechanisms, economic instruments and environmental funds, and environmental management in energy and tourism.
The legislation proposes to shift 17 percent of these existing environmental funds from site remediation to reduce diesel pollution, as well as allowing a kick-start appropriation of up to $10 million from an $80-million surplus for underground storage tanks.
Here's a case where our environmental team leaned forward, saw the issue and acquired environmental funds for it.
Decentralization of power to local governments in the reform era has meant local governments must depend on their own economic development rather than subsidies from the central government to provide environmental funds.
But, even if threats to siphon 20pc of subsidy payments into environmental funds are overcome, there is the worry the adoption of a single areas payment could slash production levels.
The money raised will go to an environmental funds to support initiatives in that area.
One of my main goals would be to donate a large amount of proceeds to environmental funds and other charities to show my appreciation of the inspiration that I receive from nature.

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