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And the note was accompanied by the usual envelope.
Giry looked into the envelope with a lackluster eye, which soon recovered its brilliancy.
He came to me quite unexpectedly after I had actually addressed this envelope with the intention of sending you the key to the cipher.
Instead of that, he had intended, before his plans were nipped, to send me the clue in this envelope.
A few weeks ago," he remarked, "I had a visit from the lady whose handwriting is upon that envelope.
Lady Lydiard dropped the unclosed envelope on the table, and ran--yes, short as she was and fat as she was, ran--into the inner room.
As I glanced at the box I noticed, with a start, that upon the lid was printed the treble K which I had read in the morning upon the envelope.
There he was, sitting with a newly opened envelope in one hand and five dried orange pips in the outstretched palm of the other one.
Denisov, frowning, took the envelope and opened it.
You will kindly show the envelope of this letter to my man, Austin, when you call, as he has to take every precaution to shield me from the intrusive rascals who call themselves `journalists.
Ten minutes elapsed, during which D'Artagnan made every effort to read through the first envelope what was written on the second.
It says the grey envelope contains a long document written in red ink.