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5 per cent Anglicare describes the situation in entry-level jobs as "dire".
As a result, this year's crop of graduates is entering the strongest entry-level job market since the period of expansion that preceded the last recession.
The show focuses on company executives secretly going "undercover" to take on various entry-level jobs at their companies.
The most likely reasons for declining enrollment are a booming economy during the second half of the decade, together with more exciting entry-level job opportunities for college students--especially in information technology.
One-and two-page resumes for four fictitious, entry-level job candidates were created and grouped in six combinations using a split-split-plot design.
Such work experience, coupled with a degree from an institution that offers up-to-date technology courses, is advantageous for entry-level job seekers, according to Paul Valente, managing partner of the Middletown, New Jersey-based Advanced Business & Micro Solutions, a firm that provides consulting services to information systems organizations.
It is 1985, and I have an entry-level job at Showtime.
Programs that are not tied to specific jobs, that try to develop skills beyond what the entry-level job requires, create greater incentives to pull trainees out of the programs and into jobs.
Here, the senior managers averaged eight, middle managers averaged six, and entry-level managers averaged five scores over 59t as compared to previously normed entry-level job applicants.
The CBL Program offered by HigherNext features a set of standardized jobs skills tests which serve to create a consistent measure of business skills and knowledge across all entry-level job candidates.
eIntern will be attending the upcoming Northern Virginia Community College's (NOVA) Workforce Development Career Fair meeting with entry-level job seekers to introduce them to the eIntern platform and get them started in their career.
The benefits of adding volunteer experiences, hobbies, or involvement in sports may help in some communities more than others, and while they may not hurt the potential for an interview, these activities do not guarantee an interview for an entry-level job position," they stated.