entrepôt trade

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entrepôt trade

a form of INTERNATIONAL TRADE, mainly confined to COMMODITIES such as tin and tea, where goods are temporarily imported into a country and then subsequently re-exported to other countries as part of a complex chain of physical distribution and financing deals. See FREEPORT.
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entrepot trade

a commercial operation whereby goods are imported into a country and re-exported without distribution within the importing country (see IMPORTS, EXPORTS).

Entrepot transactions are confined in the main to COMMODITIES such as tea and tin, where a MIDDLEMAN located in a particular commodity centre (London, for example, in the case of tea and tin) can arrange for the sale of the commodity and its world-wide shipment to customer countries.

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Although the Entrepot Trade permits importation and minor processing, it does not encompass any kind of resources recycling activities.
A similar method was used by Fisman, Moustakerski, and Wei (2008) to show that entrepot trade via Hong Kong is in part a tariff-evasion scheme.
entrepot trade with Levant and elsewhere became at times far more
Thus, she begins by contrasting the two traditional alternatives to economic growth, import substitution and export-oriented industrialization, with Lebanon's third path, financial exports and entrepot trade.
Industrializing Japan formed an example for Singapore and also offered new opportunities for entrepot trade, since new supplies of manufactures could be sold to the Southeast Asian market.
Maritime shipbuilders and shippers were, in fact, primarily shippers, and were more inclined to support entrepot trade, based on railways and foreign steamers, rather than to support an indigenous shipbuilding industry.
Our corporation also works on processing with supplied materials, on entrepot trade, barter trade, compensation trade, sales on consignment, on calling for
In chapter two he correctly sets out factors that affect the profitability of entrepot trade. But their application to Hong Kong in chapter three justifies Hong Kong's supposed adherence to a silver standard only in retrospect--that is, on the basis of what actually happened over the years as contrasted with an alternative situation in which a gold standard is assumed but with all other events and quantities remaining unchanged.
Raymond Fisman, NBER and Columbia University; Peter Moustakerski, Booz Alien Hamilton; and Shang-jin Wei, "Outsourcing Tariff Evasion: A New Explanation for Entrepot Trade" Discussant: Mihir A.
Sometimes also called Free Economic Zones to emphasise that they are not just about tax exemptions and duty free trade, these zones owe their origins to the long traditions of other free port entrepot trade that, for example, helped to establish Hong Kong and Singapore as world-ranking economic centres, though with a more modern approach with regard to modes of communication and business practice, including offset business.
Although domestic consumption in Singapore and Hong Kong is small, the importance of the former, in particular, in the entrepot trade of spices still remains considerable.
With its tradition as a trading nation, and the success it has gained as it has developed its important entrepot trade, Dubai has also become tolerant and cosmopolitan, and as such also offers holiday facilities appreciated by neighbouring Arab countrymen.
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