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Energy Stock

A stock in a company whose predominant business is the production or sale of energy. Energy stock may include shares in both upstream companies, such as oil exploration firms, and downstream companies, such as oil refineries. Energy stocks have historically been dominated by oil and natural gas, but alternative energy companies are sometimes publicly-traded as well. Energy stock prices are largely determined by the supply and demand for energy and as such tend to be seasonal; they are also quite sensitive to political events. See also: Political risk.

energy stock

The stock of a company engaged in an energy-related business such as coal mining, oil refining, or electric power generation. Because of the diverse nature of this industry, the stocks do not always move together.
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HIGHER ENERGY STOCKS: The rise in oil's price pushed energy stocks in the S&P 500 to a 0.
Moreover, gains from avoiding the energy complex look to be rising as global energy stocks have underperformed the World MSCI by -15% year-to-date.
96 points, as rising commodity prices buoyed mining and energy stocks.
Specifically, Christopher Ariola urged several retirees of a California transportation company to put funds into energy stocks and gold-related investments, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority complaint filed Thursday in California.
SyDNEY (CyHAN)- Aussie stocks have been dragged to a 7-month low as energy stocks suffered from big falls in the price of oil.
Among the Allied Bank assets discussed during Acme Holding's recent bankruptcy hearing were energy stocks valued at $3.
You don't witness a 55 percent drop in oil prices without some genuinely negative repercussions for energy stocks.
Yet since the start of this year, most energy stocks have given up some of those gains, revealing anxiety that some nasty surprises might still be lurking somewhere and that last month's bounce may not last.
This fear shook financial markets as oil plunged again, dipping below $50 for the first time in 5 years and triggering a big sell-off, among energy stocks but across the entire stock market.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 3, 2014-European equities lifted by rebound in energy stocks
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 3, 2014-European equities lifted by rebound in energy stocks
stocks ended Tuesday mixed to higher, giving back much of their gains as falling oil prices battered energy stocks, offsetting positive third-quarter earnings, NASDAQ said October 14.

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