employment contract

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employment contract

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employment contract

a CONTRACT between an EMPLOYEE and the company for which he or she works, specifying the terms and conditions governing his or her employment. Employment contracts of directors and senior executives are called service contracts, and these often contain provision for generous severance payments in the event of early dismissal.

The employment or labour contract between an employee and the firm that employs him or her generally specifies that the employee undertakes specific tasks for the firm in return for a WAGE. While the wage paid to an employee is a clearly definable part of the labour contract, the level of skill exercised by an employee and the amount of effort he or she exerts in working is more difficult to specify and measure. Consequently, labour contracts are subject to possible contract problems, such as ADVERSE SELECTION and MORAL HAZARD, and may involve significant AGENCY COSTS.


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Because there are monetary penalties for even simple and incidental violations of these wage statement laws, employers should review their offer letter and employment agreements and site laws to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements.
This review demonstrates that the inclusion of mandatory arbitration clauses in employment agreements may be on the decline.
According to the IRS, the sole provision of the RSA that could create a substantial risk of forfeiture was the employment agreement's provision for termination for cause, and Regs.
The Tax Court held that sections of a restricted stock agreement and an employment agreement read together constituted an earnout restriction that might create a substantial risk of forfeiture for stock transferred to an employee.
Once an employment agreement is formed, the employer will be legally required to pay all mandatory employment rights over the employee's salary.
Part of a series that bills itself as providing "readers with proven business intelligence fro C-Level executives and lawyers (Chairman, CEO, CFO, CMO, Partner) from the world's most respected companies and firms nationwide," this volume contains six articles from law firm partners (and one senior shareholder) on negotiating, designing, and drafting employment agreements for clients.
The school's lack of transparency, accountability and organization in the handling of Bellotti's employment agreement and his parting payout fall far short of what Oregonians expect of any public institution, much less a public university.
Employment agreements were extended for IPG Laser GmbH Managing Director Eugene Shcherbakov, Chief Financial Officer Timothy P.V.
While chief executive officer Bob Steel's employment agreement does not entitle him to any severance payments, the company said that 11 executive officers - including Steel and chairman Lanty Smith - are eligible for a total of USD2.5m in stock-based awards.
While employment agreements are not a panacea, they are like an insurance policy to protect you from employee wrongdoing.
The company said that the amendments extend the terms of their respective employment agreements for an additional three years.
Byron Kopman and David Romanoff, two of Regional's managers, will sign employment agreements and join Schnitzer's executive management team.

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