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employers' association

an organization of employers in an industry with the function of representing their mutual interests in the promotion of trade (for example, representation at trade fairs) and/or dealing with labour and INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS issues. Regarding the latter, four functions are usually identified:
  1. negotiation of MULTI-EMPLOYER AGREEMENTS regulating rates of pay and conditions of employment in member companies;
  2. operation of a DISPUTES PROCEDURE. Where an INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE arises in a member company the association can step in (if requested) to apply a procedure for resolving the dispute;
  3. provision of advice to member companies on industrial relations and employment questions;
  4. representation of member companies' views to third parties, for example government.

With the growth of COLLECTIVE BARGAINING within companies, employers' associations are not as important in many industries as they once were. Nevertheless, they continue to provide important services for those small companies which do not have the resources to develop these functions in-house.

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Five members of the former Executive Committee, five representatives of national sectoral federations, five chairmen of regional unions, four representatives of young business leaders and one representative of the National Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs are members of this interim committee tasked with heading the employers' organization.
Their contribution highlighted the important role employers' organizations play in policy-making, governance and implementation of social security systems.
Bulgarian employers' organizations are opposed to the state's intention not to drop the ceiling on pensions and raise the maximum insurable income.
Summary: Faced with the worsening of the social funds' deficit, which has reac hed alarming proportions, social partners, government, union and employers' organizations are initiating consultations to find a solution.
Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova has turned down a proposal by employers' organizations that potential investors should be sought to replace AES and ContourGlobal as shareholders at thermal power plants.
Bulgarian employers' organizations are calling in a new protest to vent their anger at a hike in power prices for industrial consumers.They will also insist on the resignation of Ivan Ivanov, the head of Bulgaria's energy regulator.
If Bulgaria does not implement a pension reform now, it may have to make far more difficult decisions in the future, Bulgarian employers' organizations have stated.
The six major Bulgarian employers' organizations have failed to reach an agreement over a proposed scheme for the payment of government debts owed to private companies.

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