employers' liability insurance

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Employer's Liability Insurance

Insurance that protects an employer from damages from a lawsuit resulting from an injury due to the employer's negligence. It does not cover lawsuits resulting from discrimination, wrongful dismissal and so forth. Employer's liability insurance is required in some jurisdictions and may be rolled in with a worker's compensation policy.

employers' liability insurance

INSURANCE which employers are required by law to take out in order to cover their employees against injury or death at work.
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20pm on Friday that the employers' liability insurance hadn't been paid.
Employers' liability insurance is already a sensitive area.
And it called for a new database, to provide evidence that firms have employers' liability insurance.
Employers' liability insurance is taken out by firms to cover themselves against claims if a worker is killed or injured at work.
Employers' liability insurance (ELI) has risen by as much as 1,500 per cent over the past year for some companies, according to Patricia Hewitt, the secretary of state for trade and industry, although the average increase has been 50 per cent.
The Certificate of Insurance should also indicate that the organization carries Workers' Compensation and Employers' liability Insurance in accordance with the laws of your state.
Part-time domestic employees, agricultural workers and emergency relief workers and others can also obtain workers' compensation and employers' liability insurance coverage by agreement between their employer and an insurance carrier.
Employers' liability insurance is a legal necessity - failure to have it can result in fines of PS2,500 for each day you are not properly insured.
BOSSES are being warned about an important change regarding Employers' Liability Insurance.
It has also brought forward the creation of an Employers' Liability Insurance Bureau, funded by the insurance industry, which will provide a source for future personal injury claims.
An Employers' Liability Insurance Bureau (ELIB) will also be set up to create a last resort compensation fund for those who cannot find the relevant insurance records even with the help of the ELTO.

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