Employer matching contribution

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Employer matching contribution

The amount, if any, a company contributes on an employee's behalf to the employee's retirement account, usually tied to the employee's own contribution.

Employer Matching Contribution

Money an employer offers to an employee's IRA or other retirement fund. Normally employers will offer an equal amount that the employee contributes up to a certain dollar amount or percentage of income. This is considered an employee benefit and allows a worker to save more (and accrue applicable interest) without enduring financial hardship.
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Employer contributions to privately administered programs and
Maximum Permissible Vesting Schedule for Employer Contributions
The amount of KiwiSaver employee deductions and employer contributions not passed on to Inland Revenue since the scheme began was just $24.
But Steve Webb, a former pensions minister who is now director of policy at Royal London, highlighted figures in the report showing what he described as "disappointing" employer contributions so far.
14 August 2014 -- Boston-based mutual fund company Fidelity Investments has released survey results that suggest many US workers still value employer contributions such as profit sharing or a 401(k) company match as one of the most important components of their benefits offering.
Anyone who does opt-out, however, would of course cease to benefit from the employer contributions that would have otherwise been made on their behalf.
workers need to save between 11 percent and 15 percent, including employer contributions, over their entire working career to replace 85 percent of income in retirement.
If the employee is 75 or more--mandated employer contributions.
It allows rank-and-file employees--as well as highly compensated employees--to receive employer contributions that are fully vested right away.
With the Government and employer contributions if you're still working, it's a powerful way to save in the golden years of your working life.
The "guaranteed income stream" being purchased by employer contributions combines "private and government assurances that the guaranteed income will be backed by several layers of protection.
These employer contributions are required and the employer is subject to a minimum funding penalty if they are not made.

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