Emerging markets fund

Emerging markets fund

A mutual fund that invests primarily in countries with developing economies (that is, those that are becoming industrialized). Emerging markets funds tend to be more volatile than domestic stock funds due to currency fluctuation and political instability. Consequently, fund prices can fluctuate dramatically.
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Emerging Market Fund

A mutual fund that invests predominantly or exclusively in the securities of a developing country or a group of developing countries. Emerging market funds may concentrate in a region, such as the Middle East, or in a given industry, such as oil in emerging markets. Emerging market funds tend to be volatile as they are heavily exposed to political risk. However, they offer the possibility of a high return because at least some emerging markets, notably Eastern Europe, experienced high growth in the 1990s. See also: BRIC.
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Emerging markets fund.

Emerging markets mutual funds invest primarily in the securities of countries in the process of building a market-based economy.

Some funds specialize in the markets of a certain region, such as Latin America or Southeast Asia. Others invest in a global cross-section of countries and regions.

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Desjardins IBrix Low Volatility Emerging Markets Fund F 0.95% 0.90% (0.05%)
Its global credit fund, which had raised over $250 million, was an emerging markets fund offering private debt to medium-sized and growth-oriented companies.
Quoting Copley Fund Research, Financial Times reports that Fidelity Emerging Markets Fund, Goldman Sachs EM Equity Fund, Fullerton Global Emerging Markets Equities Fund, RWC Global Emerging Equity Fund and three other US funds have all closed their positions in recent months.
Puts lead calls 5:1 in iShares Emerging Markets Fund. Shares up 9c to $42.28 and 70K Apr 35.5 puts trade 2c with bid-ask 1 to 2c.
Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Fund Inc (NYSE:MSF) announced on Friday that it will pay a dividend of USD1.191471 per share.
Many emerging markets fund managers are taking a reactive approach to investor requests for independ- ent valuations.
LAHORE -- IJARA Capital Partners Limited (ICPL), a private equity and venture capital firm have acquired Quick Foods Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., operating under the brand name of 'MonSalwa', a frozen food company, through its Pakistan Emerging Markets Fund - I.
The investment bank developed a fund on BRICS investments: Assets fell from $800 million in 2010 to $100 million, and the fund has been folded into a broader emerging markets fund. "By shutting the fund, the Wall Street bank has signalled an end of an era in which the four developing economies - Brazil, Russia, India and China - appeared to be shaping a new world order," reports Ben McLannahan for Financial Times, adding that the group "remains determined to impose itself as a distinct geopolitical force." Slowing economies, lower prices for commodities and varying cultures challenge BRICS's cohesion.
Table no.2: Sharpe ratios on >>Foreign Emerging Market Funds<< Equity mutual fund Sp Rate of return [sigma] (%) ESPA stock BRIC 0.00 3.54 24.67 EEF equity emerging markets Asia 0.11 6.25 23.90 EEF Middle East & Africa -0.03 2.79 24.66 Templeton Asia growth fund 0.43 14.89 26.13 Templeton emerging markets fund 0.09 5.57 22.17 PI Funds - Asia (ex.
Aberdeen's Emerging Markets fund takes fifth place in the Alliance Trust Savings' top 20; Asia is prominent too, and Vanguard, a low-cost operator, takes 19th spot with its Emerging Markets Stock Index fund.
"First State's Global Emerging Markets fund returned pounds 8,715 on a pounds 5,000 investment over three years in the period May 2009 to May 2012.
Global asset manager Russell Investments has launched a new broad emerging markets fund that aims to provide investors with greater access to opportunities in small cap and frontier markets for significant active returns.

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