Emerging markets fund

Emerging markets fund

A mutual fund that invests primarily in countries with developing economies (that is, those that are becoming industrialized). Emerging markets funds tend to be more volatile than domestic stock funds due to currency fluctuation and political instability. Consequently, fund prices can fluctuate dramatically.

Emerging Market Fund

A mutual fund that invests predominantly or exclusively in the securities of a developing country or a group of developing countries. Emerging market funds may concentrate in a region, such as the Middle East, or in a given industry, such as oil in emerging markets. Emerging market funds tend to be volatile as they are heavily exposed to political risk. However, they offer the possibility of a high return because at least some emerging markets, notably Eastern Europe, experienced high growth in the 1990s. See also: BRIC.

Emerging markets fund.

Emerging markets mutual funds invest primarily in the securities of countries in the process of building a market-based economy.

Some funds specialize in the markets of a certain region, such as Latin America or Southeast Asia. Others invest in a global cross-section of countries and regions.

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The exit of Exhilway US from the emerging markets fund will make investment decisions in countries like India much faster and smoother.
City National Rochdale, a subsidiary of City National Bank, announced today that its City National Rochdale Emerging Markets Fund (ticker: RIMIX) received a five-star rating from Morningstar out of 521 funds.
Global Banking News-February 13, 2014--BNY Mellon's Dreyfus launches global emerging markets fund
Aberdeen's Emerging Markets fund takes fifth place in the Alliance Trust Savings' top 20; Asia is prominent too, and Vanguard, a low-cost operator, takes 19th spot with its Emerging Markets Stock Index fund.
Fund manager M&G also claims a stunning 97% return on its Global Emerging Markets fund launched in February 2009 and capitalised now at more than pounds 640m; it has 15% invested in Brazil, 11.
Summary: The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, or Adia, said on Tuesday it has appointed Christophe Florin as Head of Emerging Markets Fund Investments in its Private Equities Department, effective immediately.
Most emerging markets fund categories posted inflows for the reporting period.
LONDON, May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Calamos International LLP, a global investment management firm, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Calamos Emerging Markets Fund.
Global emerging markets fund managers say that the growth story going forward will be the expansion of domestic consumption driven by increasing wealth and the rise of a middle class, according to the latest sector review published by Standard & Poor's.
Pharos Financial Group, a specialist emerging markets fund manager, ranks among the world's leading fund managers having focus on Russia and the CIS with a track record spanning over 11 years.
Summary: the global emerging markets fund managed by martin taylor and nick barnes at nevsky capital llp, an affiliate of thames river capital, has recently gone through its 5th anniversary.
Now that interest rates are expected to rise, Eggleston has moved most of Harris' investment in the bond fund into American Express' Thread-needle Emerging Markets Fund.

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