emerging markets

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Emerging markets

The financial markets of developing economies.

Emerging Market

An economy in a country noted for growing liquidity, stability, infrastructure and other positive features, though not to the same extent as exists in the developed world. That is, emerging markets are economies that have increasingly important roles in the international stage and may one day become principal players, but they have not yet arrived at that level. Political factors may help or encumber emerging markets as they attempt to gain wealth and prominence. Major examples of emerging markets are Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Smaller economies, such as Bahrain, Egypt, Colombia, and others are also considered emerging markets. Emerging markets exist in less developed countries relative to the United States and Europe; these countries nonetheless have vibrant, active economies. See also: International development, BRIC.

emerging markets

Security markets in countries such as Mexico and Malaysia that are still developing their industrial base. Investments in emerging markets entail substantial risk with the potential for above-average returns.
Are the stocks of companies in emerging markets particularly risky?

Investing in emerging markets is considered very risky. The financial markets of developing countries are typically small, with a short operating history. Emerging markets exist in undeveloped regions of the world, which are very volatile and therefore have great growth potentials but also pose significant risks. Corruption, political instability, illiquidity, and currency collapse are just some of the significant risks of emerging regions. Argentina's economic collapse is the latest example of the risk involved in emerging countries.

Thomas M. Tarnowski, Senior Business Analyst, Global Investment Banking Division, Citigroup, Inc.—Salomon Smith Barney, New York, NY, and London, UK

emerging markets

A loosely defined term generally referring to countries with relatively stable governments,developing economies,and an increasing ability to spend money on consumer goods.

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Its board faces a stark choice: struggle on with declining sales or relocate B's manufacturing operation to country C, an Asian emerging economy where costs are significantly lower.
C Explain why some people consider child labour to be unethical while others see it as a necessary feature of an emerging economy (five marks).
New findings from the Emerging Economy Report, released by the Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS), however, have identified several new energy paradigms that can fundamentally alter the ways in which end consumers access and use energy.
Aditya Dev Sood, Founder and CEO of CKS, said that the Emerging Economy Report Team had begun by mapping energy consumption patterns across different industrialized and emerging economies.
One of the new energy paradigms described by the Emerging Economy Report is called 'Osmotic Utilities.
Sood said the concept of 'Osmotic Utilities' was generated collaboratively by the international team of specialists working on the Emerging Economy Report, based on observations coming directly from the field.
In order to develop intelligent infrastructure scenarios, the Emerging Economy Report Team studied how very rural and remote families in Kenya made plans to travel into the city.
The Emerging Economy Report often uses insights and terminology from the telecommunications industry to provoke new thinking in the energy sector.
China's consumer growth is faster than that of any other emerging economy.
China is no longer an emerging economy - it has arrived," said Dr.
It is fascinating to be part of a nation's emerging economy.
As Greece moves closer to an economy that will qualify it for inclusion in the European Economic and Monetary Union, many American companies--both big and small--are looking to get in on the ground floor of what could become the next great emerging economy by the Summer Olympics in Greece in 2004.

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