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The neighbouring country India ranked 62nd emerging economy in the IDI 2018 ranking.
There have been recent papers that call for examining knowledge management in an emerging economy context (Bruton, Dess & Janney, 2007).
rate hike than other emerging economy countries, citing South Korea's strong economic fundamentals.
Based on production statistics from the International Organization for Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (known by its French acronym of OICA), in 2009, an emerging economy, China, surpassed both the United States and Japan as the nation where the highest number of motor vehicles were made (OICA, 2010).
They argue that it's particularly hard to collect reliable economic data in an emerging economy, so the figures presented should be treated with caution.
It has been shown in other domains such as strategy that researchers should not assume that findings in a developed economy will be equally applicable in an emerging economy (Peng, 2000).
Cement manufacturer CEMEX, for example, uses the emerging economy of Mexico as a base for testing new concepts and practices.
Land purchase is similarly difficult in many emerging economy cities because these are large and crowded, and land titles are unclear.
When an emerging economy sours, the IMF steps in with funds that help bail out lenders.
But as an architect working in an emerging economy, trying to 'design' and make social housing as a new entity work as a viable proposition, balancing 'design' against almost impossible financial contraints, social need and developer driven programmes, the examples of housing shown in the latest AR are of little relevance.
So it focuses on questions such as whether a particular initiative works to reduce carbon emissions, whether it has known or suspected adverse consequences in other areas, whether environmental, economic or other; whether the approach to funding it creates problems; whether the initiative may lead to diversion of energy from other initiatives; and whether the initiatives taken together are in some sense enough for the emerging economy in question.
Vakulchuk provides economists, academics, and students of international finance with a comprehensive look at the emerging economy of this former Soviet Republic.

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