emerging markets

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Emerging markets

The financial markets of developing economies.
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Emerging Market

An economy in a country noted for growing liquidity, stability, infrastructure and other positive features, though not to the same extent as exists in the developed world. That is, emerging markets are economies that have increasingly important roles in the international stage and may one day become principal players, but they have not yet arrived at that level. Political factors may help or encumber emerging markets as they attempt to gain wealth and prominence. Major examples of emerging markets are Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Smaller economies, such as Bahrain, Egypt, Colombia, and others are also considered emerging markets. Emerging markets exist in less developed countries relative to the United States and Europe; these countries nonetheless have vibrant, active economies. See also: International development, BRIC.
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emerging markets

Security markets in countries such as Mexico and Malaysia that are still developing their industrial base. Investments in emerging markets entail substantial risk with the potential for above-average returns.
Are the stocks of companies in emerging markets particularly risky?

Investing in emerging markets is considered very risky. The financial markets of developing countries are typically small, with a short operating history. Emerging markets exist in undeveloped regions of the world, which are very volatile and therefore have great growth potentials but also pose significant risks. Corruption, political instability, illiquidity, and currency collapse are just some of the significant risks of emerging regions. Argentina's economic collapse is the latest example of the risk involved in emerging countries.

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emerging markets

A loosely defined term generally referring to countries with relatively stable governments,developing economies,and an increasing ability to spend money on consumer goods.

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This research attempts to enrich the understanding of whether and how heterogeneity in regional markets within an emerging economy matters in shaping the internationalization of MNEs.
There have been recent papers that call for examining knowledge management in an emerging economy context (Bruton, Dess & Janney, 2007).
rate hike than other emerging economy countries, citing South Korea's strong economic fundamentals.
In the second part, business scholars from Europe, the US, South America, and India discuss the process between pro-market reforms in home countries and the transformation of domestic firms into emerging economy multinationals, the implications of oGo Globalo policies in China for local state-owned and private firms, how external and internal sources of knowledge influence innovation outcomes in an emerging economy, how knowledge-intensive foreign direct investments impact local innovative arrangements in emerging economies, and institutional development and agency conflicts in emerging markets in terms of the governance of international joint ventures in China.
In the development of "ChotuKool" a paradigm shift in absorption and adoption of high-technology and making it appropriate for an emerging economy is very much evident.
Earlier IMF had warned that end of extraordinarily loose monetary policy in advanced economies might cause turmoil in financial markets and sharp depreciations in emerging economy exchange rates.
South Africa is the only emerging economy with worse earnings inequality, but it has halved this number since the last decade.
A second G20 official in an emerging economy delegation said an IMF recapitalisation should not lead to any dilution of the current voting structure at the global lender.
Executives at companies based in either the Asia-Pacific region (5) or North America are the likeliest to say their companies don't pursue R&D in any emerging economy (Figure 1).
Based on production statistics from the International Organization for Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (known by its French acronym of OICA), in 2009, an emerging economy, China, surpassed both the United States and Japan as the nation where the highest number of motor vehicles were made (OICA, 2010).
They argue that it's particularly hard to collect reliable economic data in an emerging economy, so the figures presented should be treated with caution.
The next EMIAT's figures will show to what degree this has affected cross-border activity; although it is unlikely to be sufficient to endanger India's current ranking as the most acquisitive emerging economy.

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