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How- ever, with this heightened interest comes greater scrutiny around how emerging market fund managers provide transparent and ob- jective valuation reporting.
Citigroup said in a research on Friday that emerging market fund flows had benefited from the recent market rally.
Before being named Global Emerging Market fund manager in November 2014, Wilson was head of EMEA Equities, a position he held since 2007.
One reason for this is that there aren't too many places a foreign emerging market fund manager can put his money.
Japan) Equity and the Templeton Emerging Market Fund. Both funds recorded a return that fell below the average of the group.
"As an emerging market fund manager, we place a premium on understanding those changes early on--and the opportunities that often accompany them," he continued.
"Some people are holding back investments," said Mark Mobius, president of Templeton Emerging Market Fund, which has US$11 billion under management.
He was also the co-manager of the Baring Dynamic Emerging Market Fund. Additionally, Hartwig was a member of the Strategic Policy Group at Barings, the firm's asset allocation committee.
About investment flows, Gomma said EPFR, which tracks global emerging market fund data, there is about $124 billion in passively managed money.
Abraaj struck a deal to buy emerging market fund manager Aureos Capital in February, creating an entity with approximately $7.5 billion in assets under management.
Abraaj struck a deal to buy the emerging market fund manager in February, creating an entity with approximately $7.5 billion in assets under management.
The average global emerging market fund is down six per cent since the start of the year, partially in reaction to events in Egypt.

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