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Instead, at a hastily called emergency general meeting of the body whose validity has been questioned by some trustees, a new chair of the organisation, Dr Rita Austin, was appointed and Mr Malik was called to a disciplinary hearing.
The Bishop said he plans on calling an emergency General Meeting with the members of KENTHEA's board in September in order to take action and save the organisation from closing down.
We called an Emergency General Meeting where a vote of no confidence was passed.
Securities regulators ordered Shuaa to consider the matter again and put the issue to a vote at today's emergency general meeting.
They say they have more than 350 shareholders in favour, enough to force an emergency general meeting on the stadiumplans.
The vote was put to an emergency general meeting on Wednesday night immediately after the annual general meeting.
Northern Rock has until Christmas Eve to send out documents for an emergency general meeting called for by two major shareholders to discuss the future of the bank.
The clubs should now call an Emergency General Meeting of the WRU to force the board to explain how the best Welsh coach for a generation was allowed to resign from his post and how this bought the union into disrepute.
The emergency general meeting has been postponed until December 8.
An emergency general meeting will be held tomorrow, with the liquidator looking at the options available to stop the club from going to the wall.
During an emergency general meeting of his faction on Friday morning, Mitsuzuka, 71, handed over the faction's leadership to Mori, 61.
The consortium will formally put their offer to a February 24 emergency general meeting.

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