Electronic bill presentment

Electronic Bill Presentment

A message delivered via e-mail or access to a secure website describing what a debtor owes a creditor for a given month. Any person who pays his/her bills online is eligible for electronic bill presentment, and many companies offer it.
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Electronic bill presentment.

If you pay bills online, you may be able to take advantage of electronic bill presentment, a paper-free method of reporting your outstanding charges and the amount due.

The creditor may either email your monthly statement or notify you via email that the statement is ready for viewing at a secure website.

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In addition, myriad organizations utilize our electronic bill presentment and payment services.
eFawateercom is Jordan Central Bank's electronic bill presentment and payment service that enables clients to pay securely online, 24/7.
Etactics continues to be at the center of the expansion of electronic bill presentment. With the new version of Customer Access +, users benefit from access to real-time personal billing information, can view a detailed statement or invoice and interact with customer service through a secure channel at any time, explains Bill Salm, Jr.
PayFort has already successfully integrated its payment gateway with the Saudi Payment Network's mada national debit card and with SADAD account, the national Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service provider in Saudi Arabia.
In addition, ProgressSoft showcased its Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment solution, PS-EBPP, which revolutionizes the entire billing process by offering online and real-time presentment of bill content and payment choices.
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Services are part of ACI's UP Bill Payment solution.
Invoice Cloud provides Trusted, Secure E-Payments and highest adopting Electronic Bill Presentment with Payment Solutions.
Madfoo3atCom for Electronic Payments Company (Madfoo3atCom) won the tender announced by the CBJ to build, operate and administrate the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service gateway (EBPPS) in Jordan.
Fawry, a leading electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) platform in Egypt, has rolled out its electricity bill payment service nationwide.
"In addition to its acquiring, issuing and switching business, EMP offers an innovative and wide range of products for banks, merchants and governments which include advisory services, data analytics, credit scoring, collections, mobile payments and electronic bill presentment and payment among many others," said Kola.
Fawry, Egypt's leading nationwide Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) platform, announced today its launch of a new payment service that will enable customers to pay their traffic fines directly via the Fawry network of payment channels.

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