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The mistake was soon discovered when recipients went grocery shopping, swiped their electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card and noticed a disproportionately large account balance on their receipts.
Electronic benefits transfer (EBT), the system designed to simplify and streamline the food stamp program, is moving along at a brisk pace.
The Board strongly supports the facilitation of electronic alternatives for the delivery of government payments (known as "electronic benefits transfer" or EBT).
Attention this year has rightly focused on the abuse of Electronic Benefits Transfer cards - through their sale, their misuse, and their use to obtain cash that can then be spent without limits.
Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service hosted an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the nationwide implementation of the Food Stamp Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) effort.
Clark also notes that the organization will continue to address such issues as shrinkage, ergonomics, electronic benefits transfer and 'smart cards."
"We want to go national with electronic benefits transfer programs instead of issuing food stamps," Haas says.
But as state and federal officials continue to unravel what appears to be an extensive series of abuses and misuses of Electronic Benefits Transfer cards, it is the public's patience with business as usual that is about to snap.
A number of states and localities are testing, or have launched, Electronic Benefits Transfer projects that would shift food stamp benefits from paper to debit cards.

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