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Summary: Trriple CEO Paolo Gagliardi's vision is to create a network of remittance through secure electronic wallets all over the world
The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) is currently framing guidelines to enable the efficient roll-out of electronic wallets (e-wallets) and other payment instruments used by banking and non-banking institutions, reported local news daily, Oman Observer .
Currently, over 20,000 local retail outlets have supported electronic wallet for payment, covering large chain stores, supermarkets, wet markets, taxies and others.
The new service combines all payments tools on one platform - electronic wallet, bank cards, and customers' mobile account balances.
Mastercard would provide the electronic wallet. He also does not believe that telcos will be able to capture the entire value chain, principally because these transactions need to work in an interoperable way so as not to create a parallel economy, which would not suit governments.
The smart cards function as an electronic wallet, and customers using public transport services -- such as taxis and park facilities -- can pay for services through the pre-loaded card.
The money - called "moolah" by the retailer - went into shoppers' electronic wallet accounts, the linchpin of the store's Foode Flash Card loyalty program.
"An electronic wallet can solve that, and do it without an enormous branch network that no one wants or needs.
If a few years ago, terms like Cloud storage, Google glasses or electronic wallet were incomprehensible to most of us, their more common use lately in all media raises the question: " Have these new technologies become better known to the general public or remain only "the experts' land"?"To find the answer, GfK Romania has conducted an online survey.
Summary: A French-based mobile payment company announced Monday that it partnered with a Lebanese bank and a local developer to deploy a pioneering electronic wallet solution.
Travel Business Review-October 23, 2012--GLOBUL INTRODUCES THE GLOBUL iPay ELECTRONIC WALLET SERVICE(C)2012] ENPublishing -
The app promises to be an electronic wallet for all of your digital coupons, membership and gift cards, movie tickets and boarding passes.
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