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A country's fundamental system of transportation, communications, and other aspects of its physical capabilities.
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The basic system that allows a country or economy to function. Examples of infrastructure include roads, train tracks, telephone lines, and so forth. Infrastructure is often, but not always, provided by the government. Infrastructure must meet a certain minimum standard to allow commerce to occur. For example, one is unlikely to drive to the store if the roads are so muddy that they are impassable. Likewise, the more advanced infrastructure is, the more efficiently an economy functions. For example, the existence of a telephone allows an investor to make orders quickly while also performing other tasks.
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the investment by central government and local authorities in railways, roads, airports, shipping ports, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

Infrastructure can play an important facilitating role in improving a country's industrial performance by providing, for example, a good communications network, and a stock of well-educated and trained workers, scientists and technologists.

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social overhead capital

a nation's roads, railways, housing, hospitals, schools, water supply, etc., accumulated from INVESTMENT, usually by the government or local authorities in previous periods. It also includes intangible items such as an educated/trained labour force created by investment in HUMAN CAPITAL.

Infrastructure plays an important role in improving a country's general living standards and in contributing to a higher rate of ECONOMIC GROWTH.

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The basic amenities and services that must be in place for a particular activity or pursuit.The infrastructure in a subdivision would consist of roads;storm sewers;and mechanisms for the transmission of water,waste products,electricity,telecommunications,and possibly natural gas. References to the infrastructure of a community might also include basic services, such as fire and police protection,schools,and libraries.

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Harmonics are everywhere, but only because we let them into our building's electrical infrastructure. The utility company should be supplying a relatively clean sinusoidal voltage source.
Without a proper diagnostic analysis of the electrical infrastructure, these problems may remain undetected and plague network dependability.
7 February 2018 - UK-based Fulcrum Utility Services Ltd (LSE: FCRM) has closed the acquisition of electrical infrastructure services company The Dunamis Group Ltd for a consideration of GBP 22m (USD 30.
RMT Inc, a renewable energy engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor, specialising in the design and construction of wind and solar energy generating facilities, has offered engineering, procurement, and civil and electrical infrastructure construction for around 1,100MW of renewable energy during 2011.
"The funds will be distributed to electrical infrastructure all over the country, they are not intended for one specific area or region," stated Abou El-Ella.
In combination with the data capture devices on the solar panels, the Telkonet iWire System, utilizes a building's internal electrical infrastructure to enable full-scale Internet and network access from any power outlet.
The post requires the co-ordination and management of all permission works associated with various projects, including the management of activities necessarytomeet statutory planning requirements for major electrical infrastructure replacement and refurbishment projects.
Before initiating a new bidding process, he said, he will concentrate on improving the electrical infrastructure in many islands schools because most are still incapable of handling computer technology.
This is reportedly the largest electrical infrastructure expansion within the United States Navy's Navy Yard since the Navy moved out in 1966.
An electrical engineering company, CAM operates in Peru, Chile and Colombia and is specialised in services of installation, operation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure for companies in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

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