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Mr Busquin said: oThe oStatement of Intento marks a new step towards the creation of the European Research Areaa With Europe's best scientists working together in world-class research infrastructures to spearhead Europe's performance in priority areas such as space applications, nuclear research and biology, EIRO forum organisations, in collaboration with the European Commission, will play a decisive role in promoting the quality and consistency of European research.
7,794,441 B2; Gregory Ashton, Eiro Fukuda and Masaharu Nishikawa, assignors to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH.
The coverage of collective bargaining is on average almost five times higher in the European Union than in the USA and four times higher than in Japan, according to recent figures released by the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO).
It is written by Professor Paul Marginson of Warwick University and Mark Carley, Chief Editor of the Foundation's EIRO (European Industrial Relations Observatory) project.
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