Effective tax rate

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Effective tax rate

The net rate a taxpayer pays on income that includes all forms of taxes. It is calculated by dividing the total tax paid by taxable income.
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Effective Tax Rate

The tax rate one pays assuming that one pays a flat rate rather than under a progressive system. Under progressive tax systems, one pays different rates for different amounts in income. For example, one may pay 10% for the first $10,000 of income and 25% for all additional income. In practice this means that one would pay somewhere between 10% and 25%. One calculates the effective tax rate simply by taking the total tax liability, dividing by one's taxable income and multiplying by 100.

Suppose one makes $20,000 in a year and is taxed under the above system. This person pays $1000 (10%) of the first $10,000 and 2500 (25%) of the second $10,000. The total tax liability is $3500, which when divided by the $20,000 of income and multiplied 100, is found to have an effective tax rate of 17.5%.
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Effective tax rate.

Your effective tax rate is the rate you actually pay on all of your taxable income. You find your annual effective rate by dividing the tax you paid in the year by your taxable income for the year.

Your effective rate will always be lower than your marginal tax rate, which is the rate you pay on the income that falls into the highest tax bracket you reach.

For example, if you file your federal tax return as a single taxpayer, had taxable income of $75,000, and paid $15,332 in federal income taxes, your federal marginal tax rate would be 28% but your effective rate would be 20.4%. That lower rate reflects the fact that you paid tax on portions of your income at the 10%, 15%, and 25% rates, as well as the final portion at 28%.

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This indicates that the effective tax rates are directly related to the underlying debt policy.
Although the effective tax rate on the Irish CFC's income from the sale of product Y is less than 90% of the effective tax rate that would apply to such income in Chile (12.5% 17% = 73.5%), it is not five percentage points less.
In its annual report for 2010, Google reported that $5.85 billion of its $10.8 billion of pretax income was derived from the company's foreign operations, and that "substantially all of the income from foreign operations was earned by an Irish subsidiary." As a consequence, Google reported an effective tax rate of only 21.2% for 2010.
Companies argue that by including deferred taxes in figuring out an effective tax rate, there will be fewer swings in that rate from year to year, and shareholders get a better idea of what it pays in taxes.
Using this approach, a one percentage point increase in the effective tax rate on private equity investment is associated with a $1.8 billion decline in annual private equity investment, holding all other factors constant.
In a PricewaterhouseCoopers poll of 35 senior tax executives from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices companies, 62% of tax leaders agreed that an increase in the effective tax rate for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors is inevitable.
effective tax rate on the domestic income of large corporations with positive domestic income in 2004 was an estimated 25.2 percent.
If provincial governments eliminated these taxes and harmonized their sales taxes with the GST, Canada would actually have the lowest marginal effective tax rate among G7 nations." Tax Executives Institute has long supported elimination of capital taxes and the harmonization of the provincial and federal sales tax systems.
In calculating an effective tax rate, the CBO must make various assumptions to impute household liabilities for taxes paid indirectly.
The mirror image of the net compensation rate is the marginal effective tax rate (METR).
However, the effective tax rate applied to oil shale cannot be less than 50% of the relevant EU minimum rate as from 1/1/2011

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