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The edict also makes it mandatory for licensed lawyers and foreign firms to open accounts for professional purposes in a bank accredited by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB).
The edict also specifies that bishops accused in cases involving deity-ta graviora are to have their appeal heard by the full Vatican congregation and not only the new commission.
The Bodh Gaya copper-plate edict of King Aiokavalla (Ashokachalla), dated to the 12th century CE, records an ass and pig curse at the end, along with an image.
Asoka was meticulous in making Dharma concrete in the domain of human relations, which is obvious in several of his edicts.
The fourth edict appoints Ibtisam Abdulla Khalaf director of fisheries at the Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry.
Akal Takht edict has directed CM Parkash Singh Badal and SAD president Sukhbir Singh to meet the President and seek an " unconditional release" of Babbar Khalsa militant Balwant Singh Rajoana
In conjunction with the closing, the lawsuit filed by Gavis Pharma LLC, a former shareholder of Edict, was settled by the payment of a portion of the closing proceeds to Gavis by an Edict shareholder.
Finally, to sum up, the purpose of this article is to inform the West and the rest of the East, that Pakistan, since, second century BC, through the Edicts of Emperor Asoka, has understood, and been trying to explain the World, the devastating results of War (jung), be it internal strives or external wars, and the importance of peaceful coexistence, by following the Policy of Self Control (khud ehtesabi), Purity of Thought (tatheer-e-afkaar).
The edict issued by Pope Pius VI has been described by some scholars as one of the blackest pages in human history.
26 August 2010 - Indian credit rating agency ICRA rated yesterday at LBB with a "stable" outlook and at A4 the bank facilities of local Edict Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
The edict, which was issued in a meeting here last Sunday, also bans smoking in public places.
An Egyptian Muslim scholar has called for an end to risible religious edicts after a Saudi cleric said Mickey Mouse was an agent of Satan who should die.