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EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval)

The Securities & Exchange Commission uses Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval to transmit company documents such as 10-Ks, 10-Qs, quarterly reports, and other SEC filings, to investors.
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Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval. An electronic system that the SEC uses to allow publicly-traded companies to make necessary filings more quickly and efficiently. Every publicly-traded company in the United States with an asset value greater than $10 million and more than 500 shareholders, as well as other companies listed on a major stock exchange, must use EDGAR to file its quarterly and annual reports and any other information it must submit to the SEC. Since its institution in 1996, filing efficiency has improved considerably.
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EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval)

A Securities and Exchange Commission computer database utilized by companies to electronically transmit required SEC filings for securities offerings and disclosure statements.
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Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval System (EDGAR).

EDGAR is an electronic database that contains all the corporate financial reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Any company with more than $10 million in assets and over 500 shareholders, or that is listed on a major exchange in the United States or quoted on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) is required to file prospectuses, an annual 10-K -- or audited financial report -- three unaudited 10-Qs, notices of insider trades, tender offers, and other detailed company information.

Smaller companies may file voluntarily. You can access all EDGAR filings free of charge on the SEC website (www.sec.gov).

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