Economic rents

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Economic rents

Profits in excess of the competitive level.

Economic Rents

1. Profits in excess of what the market would otherwise command. A company can receive economic rents if it is a monopoly, or if it is part of a cartel. See also: Rent-seeking behavior.

2. The amount of money the owner of a property can reasonably demand in order to rent that property.
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The creation and capture of profit in all its sundry forms--also called economic rent (I consider this equivalence more fully in the following section)--is the entrepreneur's sole objective not only in business enterprise, but in all aspects of life.
However, if the project has a relatively high NPV due to permanent economic rents, there would be an incentive to invest early.
Regulated Economies, Racial Strife, and Economic Rents
Economic rents will not be as likely to be competed away as they would have been in a market open to unlicensed foreign sites with a first-mover advantage.
In economic terms, after unions had absorbed all of the readily available economic rents from their capitalist opponents, they have turned to seeking rents from new sources beyond the system from the polity at large (from taxpayers), using government as the intermediary.
The example of interracial marriage links psychic rent seeking with pure economic rent seeking.
Also, their economic rents were relatively high due to unreformed feudal relations.
JMR's appraiser used actual rent as economic rent for the apartment units.
The bill would have severely limited the economic rents associated with the RFS.
Opportunism, despite its ubiquity in the literature, is inadequate to explain foreigners' participation since, according to Malet, most foreign fighters simply do not collect the economic rents that might make the risk worthwhile.
In particular, Smith (1998) and Walker and Jackson (2008) have suggested that the reason for the observed tax levels is that gambling taxes have been set in order to capture economic rents, rather than to internalize negative externalities or to maximize economic welfare.
For the Rent averages, the current and previous prices of a sampled housing unit are its current and previous economic rents, of course.

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