Economic indicators

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Economic indicators

The key statistics of the economy that reveal the direction the economy is heading in; for example, the unemployment rate and the inflation rate.


A signal of a security's or the broader economy's health. An indicator may cause a company's stock to rise or fall in price. Indicators can be technical or fundamental in nature. There are three basic types of indicator. A leading indicator occurs before an event or trend takes place, and is thought to be predictive. A coincident indicator happens at the same time as the general trend. Finally, a lagging indicator occurs after the trend is well established, and is thought to confirm it. See also: Signal.
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They also pointed out that the most important factors affecting economic indicators are oil prices, unemployment rates, GDP and prices; and here is where the Committee's work should concentrate.
The economic indicators and a separate measurement, the Oregon Measure of Economic Activity, suggest continued growth in Oregon's economy, he said, "although the pace of activity may ease in response to tighter fiscal policy - higher taxes and spending cuts, including the sequester - initiated in the first part of this year.
lt;strong>Not all economic indicators can move markets</strong>
The composite index consists of various economic indicators.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Both of Gallup's key economic indicators are the worst they have been so far this year -- 44% of Americans rate economic conditions as "poor," and 87% of Americans say the economy is getting worse.
Berson pointed out four key economic indicators that he believes will keep the housing market from faltering: consumer confidence, demographics, affordability and investment purchases.
This in turn has led to a number of books that describe the various economic indicators and reports that are published regularly, together with comments on their impacts on stock and bond prices as well as the dollar in foreign exchange.
The court reached its conclusion based on economic indicators that measured cashflow and earnings.
A link to Real Estate Outlook, the semi-annual publication of Cushman & Wakefield's Valuation Advisory Services, has also been posted to the Web, in the Economic Indicators on the public side.
The monthly reports start with a list of the leading economic indicators, followed by a narrative explanation of economic developments.
The expansive literature on economic indicators is replete with abstruse and often esoteric prose reserved for the academic world or adept economists.

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