Economic indicators

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Economic indicators

The key statistics of the economy that reveal the direction the economy is heading in; for example, the unemployment rate and the inflation rate.
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A signal of a security's or the broader economy's health. An indicator may cause a company's stock to rise or fall in price. Indicators can be technical or fundamental in nature. There are three basic types of indicator. A leading indicator occurs before an event or trend takes place, and is thought to be predictive. A coincident indicator happens at the same time as the general trend. Finally, a lagging indicator occurs after the trend is well established, and is thought to confirm it. See also: Signal.
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They also pointed out that the most important factors affecting economic indicators are oil prices, unemployment rates, GDP and prices; and here is where the Committee's work should concentrate.
to improve economic indicators to a status that triggered
dollar will react more to a different set of economic indicators. The following table contains the top 10 indicators for each, ranked in order of importance.
The Chemical Activity Barometer is a leading economic indicator derived from a composite index of chemical industry activity.
He praised the previous reforms results that resulted in the improvement of many economic indicators and the government's efforts aimed at reducing interest rates and encouraging the private sector, which led to the stability of Yemen's national currency and the inflation rates.
Toru Sasaki, head of Japan rates and foreign exchange research at JPMorgan Chase Bank, said, "The weak economic indicators were a factor to dampen expectations (over the Fed's exit from easy money policy)."
"While economic indicators softened in March," UO economist Tim Duy said, "they still point toward continued growth in the Oregon economy."
This work compiles sources of economic indicators that can help business managers, investors, and policymakers understand the economic outlook and plan accordingly.
With so many people poised to react to the same information, economic indicators have tremendous potential to generate volume and to move prices.
AlphaFlash Monitor is a web-based application that delivers key economic indicators to subscribers' trading desks to aid investment decisions.
Global exports finally bounced back in the October to December period-well after several other economic indicators had recovered.
Learn how the business cycle works and how to apply business data to personal ventures with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Economic Indicators. This discusses common economic indicators and how to read and understand them, from real estate trends and early inflation warnings to how to read manufacturing reports.

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