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But the trend is expected to reverse this year because China, which imports value-added materials and parts from Japan and processes them into finished products for exports to Japan and other developed countries, will be adversely affected by economic slowdowns in such export markets, according to the government-affiliated organization for promotion of Japan's external trade.
Japan's trade with China is likely to contract in 2009 for the first time in 11 years, a reversal from the previous year's growth to an all-time high, amid the global economic slowdown, the Japan External Trade Organization predicted Thursday.
These targets will not be viable if economic slowdowns, which are normal events in the evolution of the business cycle, adversely affect longer-term potential growth through a depreciation of human capital or a deterioration of quality in work.
Nearly all observers of the global steel industry point to overcapacity as a reality in good economic times and a tremendous burden during economic slowdowns.
The wider economic slowdown, meanwhile, has trimmed the amount of industrial scrap that flows into the yards of processors.
Before the Great Depression, economic slowdowns and contractions were called depressions.
1) Each of the three main categories of loans--real estate, business, and consumer loans--weakened; and in a development reminiscent of other economic slowdowns, holdings of U.
In addition, the ICCI includes relevant analytics that evaluate the communication industry's performance during economic slowdowns and recoveries.
The decline in the company's credit-protection measures reflect weaker volumes and prices vis-a-vis 2000, which have resulted from economic slowdowns in Mexico and the United States -- the company's most important markets.
The 'Stable' Rating Outlook reflects Fitch's view that ILFC's risk profile will not meaningfully improve or weaken over the intermediate term despite the economic slowdowns currently affecting Europe, the U.
The level of economic activity we are seeing in connection with MD&M East is further proof that the medical technology sector, because of its very nature, is essentially safeguarded against short-term economic slowdowns.
The economic slowdowns in Latin America and Asia negatively affected sales of our mature product lines.