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Chemical haulers are some of the most attractive carriers for private equity buyers because their specialization in certain commodities and close customer relationships often form an economic moat that can protect their profits from freight cycles.
His investment approach will target companies with a sustainable and increasing economic moat.
More than 80% of its stocks possess an economic moat, which is Morningstar's measurement of a company's competitive advantage, compared to just under 70% average for its peers.
The firm currently operates under the protection of an economic moat that generates strong free cash flow, holds high profit margins, and currently is funding growth internally.
* Business Risk--an evaluation of industry and company risk factors, including Morningstar's proprietary Economic Moat and Uncertainty Rating.
"One way we at Morningstar separate strong companies from their weaker counterparts is to seek out those with economic moats. Having an economic moat allows a company to generate outsized profits and returns over long periods of time.
Buffet popularized investing in companies that have a "deep economic moat"--a trait that is difficult for other companies to easily replicate (e.g., Microsoft).
Besides, it was argued, after more than a decade of increasing global competition, there was no way to build an economic moat around the continental U.S.
Pursuant to the new collaboration, the bank will add a value-based investment strategy to its portfolios available through SaxoSelect and the new portfolio, Saxo Morningstar MOAT Portfolio, will offer a way to invest in a portfolio of 30 quality stocks, based on Morningstar's Economic Moat Rating methodology and valuation research.
Ultimately, though, Corty wrote that Fox Sports 1 "won't approach ESPN's wide economic moat." The real winner, he said, are the sports leagues, which will have yet another "deep-pocketed" entity to bid for programming rights.
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