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4 billion to invest in supporting Scotlands economy with additional funding to establish an economic agency for the South of Scotland.
The new project comes as a prelude to the launch of the Dabaa nuclear project and works to turn the Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA) into an economic agency that can invest, borrow, conclude agreements, and sell electricity generated from nuclear plants," said Hamada Ghalab, deputy chief of the Energy and Environment Committee of Parliament.
During the period of urbanisation, migrants moved to the city in search of greater educational opportunity which, in turn, would lead to greater economic agency.
Her clear-eyed view of her situation and her fearless questioning of a repressive system make for exhilarating reading, but even her spirit can't always compete with the hardships of a culture where even wealthy white women had little economic agency.
The budget was approved by China's top economic agency, (http://www.
Globally, the economic agency indicated that flows into OECD industrialised group of nations rose by 14 percent from January to June due mainly to US input, without which the flows into the OECD would have declined.
Very systematic about his leadership of the country's premier economic agency, he held weekly management committee meetings that included all staff directors and heads of Neda-attached agencies.
Norrgard's ascribed meaning for labour is central to her purpose and argument: "I apply both terms "work" and "labor" to American Indian economic relations as a way of asserting an indigenous presence in American labor history" but ultimately she is out to dismantle "Euro-American definitions of labor and work that have been deliberately deployed to restrict and undercut Native people's economic agency and to further the initiatives of settler colonialism and federal Indian policy.
The UN economic agency published a report at the time of the visit of President Geung-hye Park to Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil, last April.
The new Congress Management headed by DI Friedrich Weninger has recently succeeded in recruiting additional sponsors: the KunstuniversitAt Linz (University of Fine Arts and Industrial Design), the Plastics Cluster of the Lower Austrian Economic Agency, and the German Hahl/Pedex Group and MArkische Faser GmbH, who will lend their support for the first time this year.
Montesquieu did not include an economic agency in his description of the successful British system -- no wonder given that they had barely entered their conceptual formation stage.

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