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He said that in AJK, we are also focusing on promoting other relevant disciplines like tourism, hospitality, nursing and environmental sciences to cater to the local needs of AJK and the growing need for professionals in the field of tourism and to help preserve the natural beauty of AJK for incoming eco-tourists.
The centre has its own Facebook page and a website to promote their community work, with Osoam now becoming a popular stop-off point for eco-tourists on their way from Koh Kong to Battambang and Siem Reap.
Notable for its uncommon indigenous plant and animal species, such as the nocturnal Philippine mouse-deer, or Pilandok, Balabac is a destination for eco-tourists. The island is also home to dugongs, saltwater crocodiles, sawfishes and sea turtles.
"Longer stays, more shopping, more activities and larger share of the customer's budget will give the local economy better jobs and cash inflowhelliplobally, eco-tourists are prepared to pay premium for the unique experience that Philippine tourism has to offer," Roxas pointed out.
He said: "The north of Scotland is fast becoming a destination for photographers, eco-tourists and heritage enthusiasts.
They said though Chitral was full of attractions for eco-tourists and mountaineers unavailability of local cuisines put them off.
There is also several cold water springs nearby, with the most popular being situated in a small village nearby called 'Vila Dareh' -- The village is situated three kilometers from Sarein in a valley which is 100 meters downhill the water here is fizzy and is very good for the kidneys and it's natural attractions including waterfalls, ranches, colorful flowers, springs and caves, have made Villadarreh an appealing destination for eco-tourists.
Sharm El Sheikh is a place where tourists can experience a diverse marine life and admire many of the Red Sea coral reefs, this makes Sharm an attractive spot for divers and eco-tourists.
Stretching over 18 square kilometres, the wetlands have become a popular destination for eco-tourists as well as researchers, students and wildlife photographers in Oman.
Farm Forward plans to build educational buildings, including a test kitchen, for farmers, industry officials, retailers, university students, missionaries and eco-tourists at Reese's farm in Lindsborg, Kan., about an hour north of Wichita.
When you pull into the parking area off NC86, you can usually see families fishing at the pond, u-pickers filling buckets of fresh blueberries, and eco-tourists or cyclists sharing lunch on a picnic table.