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If yields keep falling, the ECB may have to amend the criteria which dictate which bonds it buys in order to reach the target size of the programme.
Yesterday Russian Eurobonds hardly responded to the outcome of ECB meeting due to the US holiday.
The ECB is honoured to have been selected to stage one of the largest and most important global sports events, which will be a wonderful boost to sport and cricket, in particular, throughout England and Wales.
In reply, Uganda batsmen failed to get off to a good start against a disciplined ECB attack losing wickets at regular intervals.
Yields on Spanish government bonds have dropped by some 2 percentage points since Draghi said in late July the ECB was ready to do "whatever it takes to preserve the euro" -- a pledge that heralded the bond-buying plan, which he formally announced in September.
Cricket South Africa has made clear to ECB that the electronic messages were not part of any initiative or plan to undermine the England team or players.
To avoid countries reneging on their reform commitments, the ECB was bound to enforce stricter conditions than it did when it bought Italian and Spanish bonds last year, when Italian prime minister Silvio Berslusconi promptly reneged on any reforms.
Since the outbreak of the crisis, the ECB has reversed last year's rate hikes to bring euro zone borrowing costs back down to an all-time low of 1.
During a time of great economic hardship, ECB has raised default penalties and shortened the time available to vacate defaults.
It wasn't that the first ECB president was hostile to markets (though they would grow hostile to him)he just wanted to maintain a maximum amount of freedom for the Governing Council to act.
After the ECB held rates steady at four per cent on January 10, ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet said the ECB had discussed raising rates or keeping them unchanged, but not cutting them.
The 42-year-old, who played for Glamorgan and earned three England caps before retiring in 1995, impressed during a brief stint last year as acting chief executive when Tim Lamb left the ECB.