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The current rate of return of the market can be computed by taking the earnings yield, which is simply the inverse of market P/E of 19.
They address the bond-stock earnings yield differential model based on the 1987 US stock market crash and apply it to markets like Japan and the US; discuss the short window 2007-2009 crash period in the US, China, and Iceland; and compare the bond-stock earnings yield differential model with Campbell and ShillerAEs high price-earnings models.
But Goldman notes in its second-half outlook that the S&P 500 could end the year even higher if the gap between the S&P 500 earnings yield and 10-Year Treasury yield narrows to 300 by year end, which could happen if the 10-year Treasury yield rises to 2.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 7, 2015-Georgia Credit Union fees, earnings yield USD130m in member benefits
Second, the company's EBIT as a proportion of its enterprise value; this is akin to earnings yield adjusted for capital structure.
While you're likely to be able to use one or more of the above methods, bear in mind the possibility of resorting to the basic earnings yield (earnings per share / share price) as a suitable surrogate for ke.
Profits as a percentage of the S&P 500's price, known as earnings yield, total 5.
The current earnings yield of the KASB Universe is 10.
Descriptive statistics on earnings yield and price relatives computed from yearly data for the period 1998-2008 at measurement intervals ranging from one to four years are reported in Table 1.
The S&P 500's earnings yield -- a reverse of the P/E ratio -- currently stands at 7.
The prospective earnings yield on the FTSE World Index continues to rise and is now above the yield on sub investment grade corporate bonds.
In The Little Book that Beats the Market , Greenblatt talks of a simple way to beat the market using only two fundamental variables -- return on capital ( ROC) and earnings yield ( EY).