Earnings estimate

Earnings Estimate

An analyst's best guess as to what a company's earnings will be for a given quarter or year. Analysts use a variety of methods, mostly involving past information and current news, to arrive at earnings estimates. They are circulated prior to a company's announcement of its earnings statement. If earnings are lower than most estimates, this can cause a decline in its share price. Likewise, unexpectedly high earnings can cause a price jump.
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Earnings estimate.

Professional stock analysts use mathematical models that weigh companies' financial data to predict their future earnings per share on a quarterly, annual, and long-term basis.

Investment research companies, such as Thomson Financial and Zacks, publish averages of analysts' estimates for specific companies. These averages are called consensus estimates.

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Morgan Stanley, which also lowered its earnings estimate for the insurer, said the catastrophe loss estimate was three times what it expected and it now expects AIG to report a break-even third quarter.
While analysts have been cutting their average earnings estimate for Saudi companies over the past month, after sending it to a two-year high in early May, it remains higher for the year and that may be too optimistic.
Global Banking News-July 26, 2017--India's Federal Bank misses earnings estimate
The investment in Inquiry Financial, which gathers information from sell-side analysts or through analyst research notes, complements strongly Morningstar's earnings estimate operations and will allow it to grow its global earnings estimate data coverage, according to the president of Morningstar's Data division, Kunal Kapoor.
No matter how they're defined, if these numbers truly reflect the sentiment of what makes an investor willing to buy a stock, they're more accurate than the earnings estimate. There's something simply axiomatic about this: If you can determine exactly what is going to make a large group of people want to buy or sell a stock, you can anticipate movements in the stock's price.
The company beat the average earnings estimate of 38 cents per share from 29 analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.
He said cumulative earnings estimate for Dubai-listed Emaar, one of the Gulf region's largest developers, has been lowered by 27 per cent while estimate for Aldar, Abu Dhabi's top developer, was cut by 8 per cent.
Weinswig's earnings estimate dropped to 86 cents per share from 93 cents per share.
In a post-meeting research note, Thomas Weisel Partners analyst Skip Carpenter reiterated a peer performance rating on the stock and said his earnings estimates remain unchanged as the company "did not indicate any divergence from its previous financial guidance for 2003." Weisel raised its share-price target to $13 based on its 2004 earnings estimate.
In the latest earnings estimate on an unconsolidated basis, Shiseido expects a net loss of 22 billion yen, unchanged from the November projection, and a pretax profit of 26 billion yen, a revision from 28 billion yen.
Ted Hu, who lowered his first-quarter earnings estimate to 4 cents a share from 14 cents on the news of Carson's shortfall, expects the company to bounce back.

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