Earnings estimate

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Earnings Estimate

An analyst's best guess as to what a company's earnings will be for a given quarter or year. Analysts use a variety of methods, mostly involving past information and current news, to arrive at earnings estimates. They are circulated prior to a company's announcement of its earnings statement. If earnings are lower than most estimates, this can cause a decline in its share price. Likewise, unexpectedly high earnings can cause a price jump.
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Earnings estimate.

Professional stock analysts use mathematical models that weigh companies' financial data to predict their future earnings per share on a quarterly, annual, and long-term basis.

Investment research companies, such as Thomson Financial and Zacks, publish averages of analysts' estimates for specific companies. These averages are called consensus estimates.

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DeNardi sees downside to 2020 consensus earnings estimates due to declining PRASM results starting in 2020 and Southwest's (LUV) announced additional capacity to Hawaii, which will likely lead to further market share losses.
Wells Fargo's Aaron Rakers kept an Outperform rating and $60 price target on the stock but revised earnings estimates downward.
Resultantly, following a downward revision of earnings estimates we revise down our TP to PkR18.3/sh, offering 21% upside to last close.
Please note that Korean disclosure regulations do not allow earnings estimates to be offered as a range.
SHUAA clarified that these forces are analysts' earnings estimates as measured by forward earnings-per-share (EPS) for the index components, re-rating/de-rating as measured by a higher/lower forward price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio which is also partially affected by earnings estimates, and dividend yield (DY).
KBW analysts lowered their earnings estimates for AIG on the "bigger-than-expected' catastrophe losses and book value erosion but KBW said it still expects AIG's underwriting results to improve over time.
India-based Federal Bank has missed its earnings estimates, which led to a crash of its stocks.
For 18 months, many analysts trimmed earnings estimates for global companies by a total of 14%, he said, but then they spent the past six months raising them.
We tweak our earnings estimates for Allied Bank Ltd (ABL) by modest -1/-3/+3% for CY16/17/18 post 2Q result and analyst call.
Exporters including electronics maker Sony and construction machinery maker Komatsu posted notable gains after announcing sound earnings estimates Thursday, brokers said.
18 April 2013 -- New York-based buy side and independent analyst earnings estimates platform Estimize said it has forged a licensing agreement with New York-based financial information provider Bloomberg to feature Estimize's earnings data on more than 900 publicly traded stocks via the Bloomberg Professional service's news and research feeds.

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