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Unsurprisingly, she found that the higher the unemployment rate upon graduation, the less graduates earned right out of school.
Muscat, Nov 18 (ONA) Hamad bin Khamis al-A'mri, Undersecretary of Manpower Ministry for Labor Affairs affirmed that the amendments introduced to the Labor Law which came into force with effect from the end of Oct 2011 have met a number of the demands of the labor force at the private sector companies and establishments and have become eligible earned right as per the Labor Law.
She adds, "Nowadays, women are asserting their earned right to be seated at the table and occupy the corner office.
Just yesterday, in an interview with al Sahafa Arabic daily newspaper, a certain army general by the name of Garang Thuc Garang, came out of a blue to tell us that our hard earned right for separation and self-determination is the wrong thing to do, given to his allege that the SPLM didn't deliver the dire services Southerners needed in the last four years.
GRET STUFF: Brooks' boys earned right to play in SPL
Bird thus works (again) as an emblem of racial difference, but he also functions as an analogy for whites like Clifton in Do the Right Thing, who carve out a niche in Lee's neighborhoods: because such men are exceptions, black characters admit, perhaps even grudgingly admire, their earned right to work in Bed-Stuy or in the NBA.
The full-back's efforts earned right wing corner that Jason McAteer swung to the heart of the box in the 81st minute and Zola climbed above the pack to direct a firm header down into the bottom corner of the net.
Meanwhile, beneficiaries see benefits as an inviolable earned right, and many depend on Social Security.
It is understood to be an earned right, not an antipoverty program.
A defined contribution plan defines the earned right to benefits as a specific amount of employer contribution in each year.
So, in one form or another, do farmers, veterans, homeowners, civil servants -nearly every American, in fact, is entitled today to a plethora of social benefits from government as a matter of "earned right." Indeed, our sense of entitlement has become so strong that in the last 15 years the noun "entitlement" has evolved to describe the social benefits Americans feel their government owes them.
While the upscale developer has remained, for the most part of its 23 years, largely cautious in its development plans, it can now boldly lay claim to a well earned right to bring its signature lifestyle and spaces to areas where they are sought by the country's most affluent.