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We've all got experience of being W locked into contracts because of early termination fees and costs.
Early termination fee should not be charged when the reason for the termination is poor quality service by the operator.
The survey also shows that nearly half of mobile phone users who have planned with early Termination fees and almost two-thirds of home broadband users with ETFs do not know the amount of the fees they are accountable for.
Yesterday, Petrolia Drilling ASA said it finally came to an agreement with Maersk Oil & Gas, part of Danish oil and shipping group A P Moller-Maersk A/S (CPH: MAERSK B), which will redeliver Deep Venture against against an early termination fee of USD64m.
Early Termination Fee: None if cancelled in the first 30 days, but a restocking fee may apply; thereafter up to $175.
that either paid an early termination fee or remained with Sprint to avoid paying the early termination fee.
If at any point during the 30-day Test Drive customers are not satisfied with their experience and take their number to another wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless will refund their money for their calls, equipment, activation fee and taxes, as well as release them from their contract without an early termination fee when they return their phone within the Test Drive period.
Taxes, fees, early termination fee and other charges apply .
The filing adds that the limitations of Cingular's system "often defeat the customer's reasonable expectations of coverage and capacity." The customer,' however, may be prevented from canceling Cingular's service and returning the phones by virtue of a $150 (or higher) early termination fee (ETF) and other fees which make cancellation more costly than continuing to use the inadequate service.
To get out of its deal with CIT, Troutman said it had to pay CIT $1.4 million, including a $900,000 early termination fee, $431,473 in interest on late payments, and other costs.
A $150 early termination fee and other charges and restrictions may apply.
The company also paid an early termination fee of EUR0.7m plus costs for legal counsel.
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