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Early Settlement

The practice of settling a trade before the usual settlement date. This is fairly unusual; most contracts are settled between one and three days later. Generally speaking, early settlement is common in the last week of the calendar year when many trades must be settled sooner to guarantee tax advantages for one or both parties. Likewise, one may desire early settlement for other reasons, such as to receive a dividend on a certain date. See also: Cash contract.
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early settlement

The transfer of a security or cash on a date prior to the usual settlement date. A buyer of stock may prefer an early settlement in order to be listed on a firm's books on the record date for a dividend. The buyer of a municipal bond may desire an early settlement in order to begin earning tax-free interest on an earlier date.
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There is an admirable foundation for a philosophic romance in the curious history of the early settlement of Mount Wollaston, or Merry Mount.
The mother of Augustine was a Huguenot French lady, whose family had emigrated to Louisiana during the days of its early settlement. Augustine and another brother were the only children of their parents.
While the tax department advised exporters to file claims in proper form with matching shipping bills to facilitate early settlements, businesses said that problems with the system were making it tough to comply.
They cover early settlements in Lithuania and Poland; the second wave in Saint Petersburg, Finland, Estonia, and Latvia; and the third wave in Sweden and Germany.
From the early settlements to the growth of industries, the development of the railways and the contributions of local people to the sciences and arts, the website covers a diverse range of topics.
Early settlements were often established beside river crossings.
The local mortgage market could make a definitive push towards early settlements helped along by recent UAE Central Bank directives.
Johannesson (1909-57) wrote Islendinga Saga (1956) primarily as an outline for studies of Icelandic history at the University of Iceland, where he taught, but hoped it would also be a useful source for others interested in the history of the country from early settlements in 870 to the end of the Old Icelandic Commonwealth in 1262.
Awards averaged 3% in the three months to December, but increased to 3.6% in early settlements this month.
Awards averaged 3 per cent in the three months to December, but increased to 3.6 per cent in early settlements this month.
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