Early Exercise

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Early Exercise (assignment)

The exercise or assignment of an option contract before its expiration date.

Early Exercise

A situation in which an option contract is exercised before its expiration date. American-style options allow early exercise, while European-style options do not.

early exercise

The exercise of an option before it expires. Although somewhat unusual, an option holder may decide on early exercise in order to receive an upcoming dividend (in the case of a stock option) or in order to satisfy another commitment.
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They still had hopes that the trainer had for some reason taken out the horse for early exercise, but on ascending the knoll near the house, from which all the neighboring moors were visible, they not only could see no signs of the missing favorite, but they perceived something which warned them that they were in the presence of a tragedy.
Under this amendment, Servier early exercises its option to acquire the exclusive worldwide rights to further develop and commercialize UCART19, which is about to enter Phase 1 development for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).
Thus, H 1 is supported if early exercises are followed by abnormal returns that are negative and significantly lower than the abnormal returns that follow exercises at expiration.
H2: Early exercises on the vest date are less likely to be motivated by private information than early exercises made after the vest date.
H3: Early exercises occurring prior to but close to the ex-dividend date are less likely to be motivated by private information than those exercised just after the ex-dividend date.
Because most of the prompts work best if the writer already has a couple of characters to work with, a few early exercises are geared toward creating characters.
The early exercises may be technically challenging and rhythmically simple, or the opposite: technically simple and rhythmically challenging.
Early exercises also might include stretching and bending and other movements that do not cause pain and may even reduce it.
Early exercises might also include stretching and bending and core-strengthening movements that do not cause pain and may even reduce it.
We examine this issue by comparing vesting exercises to other early exercises to determine the relative importance of various factors to a vesting date exercise versus an early exercise at a later date.
Company size and industry also influence vesting date exercise versus other early exercises.
Section III presents our empirical findings regarding motives for vesting date exercises versus other early exercises.

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