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The act of filling an order to buy or sell a security. That is, when a broker executes an order, he/she actually makes a trade on behalf of the client. The date of execution is known as the trade date.


To complete, as by signing a contract or signing and delivering a deed.

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This EXE file copies itself in the system and creates the following registry keys:
TMP EXE files have Hidden and System attributes, as well as a LOAD.
When the EXE file is run (either manually or automatically by the HTML file), it will copy itself to the Windows System directory as WINDIRECT.
The regulatory EXE files are not included in this market.
dll includes all of the capabilities in the WebActivation system using external functions instead of EXE files.
CadFaster|Collaborate provides full Revit 2012 export support for both EXE Files and Cloud and the ability to control results with visibility filters, phase filters, design option filters, or by using the Revit section box.
exe files which OE was detecting and showing great reluctance to accept, mainly because most viruses are executable files.