European Atomic Energy Community

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European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom)

an organization established by member countries of the EUROPEAN UNION to develop the Union's nuclear energy capabilities for industrial and commercial purposes.
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"It's a very real potential disruption if you come out of Euratom and you don't have successful arrangements in place relatively quickly."
As well as nuclear fuel and reprocessed waste, the UK would also take ownership of Euratom property used to safeguard the material, such as inspection and monitoring equipment, according to the EU proposals.
Euratom inspects the Wylfa nuclear power station on Anglesey.
EU's and Euratom's ratings and Stable Outlook reflect the following key rating drivers:
And the diagnosis of hundreds of thousands more sufferers could be delayed if Theresa May ploughs on with her plan to pull out of Euratom.
The institute adds that the UK needs to remain an associate member of Euratom to continue scientific progress in the sector.
The EU's contribution is financed by Euratom (at the level of 80%) and by the host country, France (the remaining 20%), and covers construction and running costs, as well as contingency costs.
Poiares Maduro, said no: under the Euratom treaty's article 196, the Brazilians would not be covered by EU rules designed to ensure an adequate supply of uranium in the EU, just because they had business relations with an EU company.