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ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation)

the main European TRADE UNION organization and one of the main SOCIAL PARTNERS. It represents the combined interests of national trade unions confederations, such as the TRADES UNION CONGRESS, in European SOCIAL DIALOGUE and the development of European policy and legislation.
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By sowing austerity, we are reaping recession, rising poverty and social anxiety," argues Bernadette SA[c]gol, ETUC General Secretary.
The ETUC resolution also emphasises the role of employee involvement.
In a letter to the ministers accompanying the resolution, Mr Monks said: "The ETUC calls on you to immediately change course.
This is a campaign launched in some anger and with real commitment," ETUC leader John Monks said.
ETUC begins by stating its four main priorities: an end to cuts in public spending, stopping competition on wage and working conditions, investment for sustainable jobs and growth and promoting social dialogue and collective negotiation.
Memorable points amongst the 20 priorities listed in the ETUC document are: developing a European energy solidarity pact; creating a "democratic" European energy agency to promote a common energy policy; ensuring energy bills reflect just prices (socially fair, affordable, based on fair rate of return and not on excessive profit taking); protecting vulnerable energy consumers and reducing the energy bill of low and medium-income households.
The ETUC seized the opportunity to unveil its new visual brand identity.
The ETUC is still calling for entry into force of the new standards in 2012, but also demands a serious study, with the participation of unions and the industry, on the possible impacts of such legislation on employment.
On this occasion, the ETUC will launch its new visual branding.
The campaign will be launched during a press conference organised by the ETUC, on 5 and 6 October in London.
The European social partners, represented by CEEP, the European Centre of Enterprises with Public Participation and of Enterprises of General Economic Interest, and ETUC, the European Trade Union Confederation, support the climate change and energy package presented by the European Commission in January 2008.
The ETUC notes that this will be the first day of action in its history to feature simultaneous strikes in four countries.